These cute vegetable tray ideas are about as easy as can be and will make the best appetizer for any party or holiday! Enjoy the most creative vegetable tray pictures around for birthdays, holidays and your favorite season.

15 Creative Vegetable Tray Ideas

15 Creative Vegetable Tray Ideas

Holiday and Birthday party food can be extra fun with some simple designs such as these creative vegetable tray ideas!

Because the holidays are near and I love cute appetizers, I wanted to share some of my favorite vegetable tray ideas I’ve made and found around the internet.

Party guests will love unique vegetable charcuterie boards and veggie platters for holidays such as 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthday parties.

I even came up with my own Turkey Vegetable Tray for Thanksgiving after seeing some of these fun ideas. Isn’t he cute? This little guy took very little time and sure made my family so happy.

Make a Turkey Vegetable Tray for Thanksgiving!

This little turkey veggie tray has been shared over 230,000 times and made by hundreds of families!

15 Creative Vegetable Trays and Charcuterie Boards

You’ll Also love these amazing charcuterie boards

Creative Vegetable Tray Ideas Pictures

Bringing something healthy to a party or the family table is not always the favorite dish. Cookies, cake or dips are always a popular party food, but don’t worry… you’ll get friends excited with these creative vegetable tray designs!

I’m sure you will find some fun inspiration for one of your holiday parties from these cute vegetable tray platter ideas.

Even kids won’t be able to resist checking them out and hopefully eating some healthy treats.

4th of July Vegetable Tray

american flag veggie tray

This American Flag Veggie Tray is a must make for the 4th of July!

Fall Charcuterie Board

Easy Fall Charcuterie Board made in 15-Minutes or less

This beautiful fall charcuterie board is a great way to take your veggie tray to the next level.

Spooktacular Halloween Vegetable Trays

When you need a creative idea for Halloween, these cute veggie boards are so adorable!

Halloween Pumpkin Vegetable Tray

Creative Vegetable Tray Ideas - Halloween Pumpkin Veggie Tray

Pumpkin Veggie Tray pictured above via Taste of Home.

Halloween Mummy Vegetable Charcuterie Board

Mummy Halloween Veggie Dip Tray

Mummy Veggie Dip by Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate Halloween via Hostess with the Mostess.

Thanksgiving Vegetable Trays

These easy veggie trays would be perfect on your Thanksgiving table!

Turkey Vegetable Tray for Thanksgiving Dinner

Here’s the updated version of my popular Turkey Vegetable Tray is always a hit!

Scarecrow Vegetable Tray and Dill Dip Recipe. Cute Thanksgiving or Fall Veggie tray platter!

Your family will love this Dill Dip and Scarecrow Vegetable Tray for Thanksgiving.

10 Creative Vegetable Trays & Veggie Platters - Thanksgiving Turkey Vegetable Tray

Turkey Veggie tray by Eating with Food Allergies.

10 Creative Vegetable Trays & Veggie Platters - Thanksgiving Turkey Vegetable Tray

Mini Turkey Veggie Plate by The Happy Raw Kitchen.

10 Creative Vegetable Trays & Veggie Platters - Thanksgiving Turkey Vegetable Tray

Turkey Veggie and Cracker Tray by Brimful Curiosities.


Christmas Vegetable Trays

There are so many fun ways to display your veggies during the holidays. Here are a few fun ideas for your next Christmas party.

–> You’ll also love my creative Pine Cone Cheeseball, Snowman Cheeseball and Santa Cheeseball.

10 Creative Vegetable Trays - Christmas tree vegetable tray platter. Cute Holiday Party Veggie Tray

Christmas Tree Veggie Tray by Amanda.

10 Creative Vegetable Trays - Christmas tree vegetable tray platter. Cute Holiday Party Veggie Tray

Veggie Christmas Tree by Wanna Green Bean.

Creative Vegetable Trays for a Birthday Party

Vegetable jarcuterie in two different jars

Forget the tray and turn your vegetables into a pretty Flower Jarcuterie!

10 Creative Vegetable Trays and Veggie Tray Platter. Healthy Veggie Cake!

Veggie Cake  by Balancing Beauty and Bedlam.


10 Creative Vegetable Trays and Veggie Tray Platter. Elmo Veggie Tray

Elmo Veggie Tray via Hatter and Hare Events.

10 Creative Vegetable Trays and Veggie Tray Platter. Yo Gabba Gabba Vegetable Tray

Yo Gabba Gabba veggie tray via Wendy Will Blog.

Which Veggie Tray is your favorite? 

Originally Published on September 13, 2011, updated September 2021

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  1. Hello! I love your pumpkin veggie tray idea in this post and I would love to be allowed to use it in a Halloween Party Ideas roundup post that I’m writing! I would credit you underneath your picture here with a link back to your blog for my readers to follow over and see your entire post. Please let me know if this is agreeable with you! Thanks so much!

  2. Ha! I came to this site to find the original source for a turkey veggie tray I just spotted on Pinterest. I got so excited to see that it was a whole listing of veggie trays and then discovered that you had my Christmas Tree Veggie Tray!!!! (Thanks for crediting me, by the way, it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, but I appreciate the nod no less). Mine is the less impressive of the two, for sure, but still pretty exciting for little old me!

  3. Any suggestions on where to find the triangle/square dip containers used in the pumpkin? So far…no luck here!

  4. WOW, these are so cute and give a person great ideas for parties and getting kids and adults involved in eating veggies better for a healthier life. Thanks for sharing these great pictures and ideas. God bless YOU too. Thanks, Cecilia CECE

  5. Omg….wo cute. I’m thinking the mummy and pumpkin for my Halloween party this year. puts a fun twist on boring trays. Plus with the both of them u get almost all the norm veggies. Thanks for posting these.

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