Here are 13 fun Halloween food and recipe ideas your Halloween party guests will love. Spooky Halloween party recipes for both adults and kids like witch’s fingers, mummy cookies, caramel apples, and brains in a jar.

Your party guests will get a kick out of these 13 fun Halloween food ideas. I had a blast going through all my Halloween ideas to find some of my most favorite Halloween party recipes to share with you.

13 Fun Halloween Food Ideas
Fun Halloween Food ideas like Monster Pudding Treats

13 Spooky Halloween Food Ideas!

I LOVE hosting a good Halloween Party! Making spooky Halloween food is my favorite part of planning the party. Here are some of my all-time favorite fun Halloween food ideas to serve at your next Halloween party. Both adults and kids will love these monsterous treats!

13 Fun Halloween Food Ideas

My Favorite 13 Fun Halloween Food Ideas

  1. Mummy Wrapped Hot Dogs – Nothing is easier than wrapping crescent rolls around a hot dog to create mummies.
  2. Easy Spider Cake – Take a store bought chocolate cake, add a face with candy or icing, then add some pipe cleaners for spider legs.
  3. Caramel Apples – I love drizzling chocolate over mine!
  4. Owl S’Mores – Always a favorite treat at my house.
  5. Monster Pudding Treats – A few marshmallows and green sprinkles can turn this simple dish into a creepy treat!
  6. Simple Cupcakes with cute toppers. Get my free printable Happy Halloween Spider Tags here.
  7. Lady Fingers – Always my personal favorite!
  8. Mummy Pizza Bites – Such an easy snack!
  9. Brains in a Jar – Don’t worry, it’s really cake!
  10. Jack o’Lantern Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
  11. Carrot Eyeball Appetizers – Healthy and creepy!
  12. Mummy Candy Pretzels – These simple treats will go fast at any party.
  13. Dip in a creepy pumpkin – Serve up your favorite dip inside a small pumpkin decorated with googly eyes and dracula teeth!

Besides fun Halloween food, be sure to have some party games for the kids!

We always have a game of “Guess How Many!” Fill a jar with candy and give a prize for who guesses the closest amount.

13 Halloween Party Recipe Ideas.

This spider ring toss is so much fun and perfect for all ages.

13 Halloween Party Recipe Ideas.

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 What is Your Favorite Fun Halloween Food Idea?

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  1. We made ghosts out of milk jugs! using black magic marker make a ghost face on outside of jug.

  2. One thing we made was a spooky tree from a branch and ghosts from tissue to hang from the branches.

  3. We love decorating and Trick 0r Treating with friends! And eating Branch's fall pumpkin candy mix!

  4. We love to plan a fun party for the kids downstairs and parents upstairs…we do scary foods and lots of decorations. This year we want to make a mummy!

  5. We pick a theme to decorate one pumpkin every Halloween. Last year we created a Dia De Los Muertos skull design!

  6. We love to spend the day making Halloween treats, then paint a bunch of mini pumpkins for outside our door!

  7. Decorate cookies, make new decorations and crafts, bring out stuff from previous years and decorate the house and yard.

  8. My family does specialized Pumpkin carving every year. Its a family tradition. We have a special dinner of the child’s liking and watch family friendly Halloween Movies.

  9. We just finished our homemade costume, looking forward to throwing a carnival style party for the cub scouts!

  10. We make some yummy treats, go trick or treating and play some Halloween themed games and crafts.

  11. My kids love decorating the house for Halloween with store bought decorations and making their own decorations with construction paper.

  12. We listen and add songs to our "G-Rated Halloween" Spotify playlist …songs like Monster Mash, I Want Candy, it's so fun to sing and dance …and not too scary for preschoolers!

  13. Love decorating the house and making yummies. Not only cookies, but this year I have found so many cute recipes that I want to try. Love dressing up in costumes too.

  14. We have a Halloween Party every year with themed treats, goodie bags and fun!

  15. My kids get most excited about carving their own pumpkins, and I love to see what they come up with

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