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Birthday parties are my favorite thing to plan! I normally don’t plan big lavish parties for myself, but hey… you don’t turn 40 everyday. I wanted to plan a wonderful evening with friends and let them know how much I love them all! I highly recommend planning your OWN 40th birthday because it sure takes your mind off of getting older! ha.

The best part about having a September birthday is the weather. I have always wanted a pretty outdoor dinner party, so I moved just about every chair, plus a few of my neighbor’s chairs, into my backyard for the big night!

I hope you enjoy photos from my birthday party. Find the printable party designs for this Garden Party in my shop.

Outdoor Party Table

Birthday Party Outdoor Table

I did everything myself. Yes, I moved 30 chairs, about 5 tables and made most of the decor. My friends are SO worth it!!

I found some pretty vases and candles half off at Michaels, then bought grocery store flowers and paper lanterns for my table. I love bright colors so pink, orange and purple were a no brainer for this girly girl!

Garden Birthday Table

My centerpiece was branches from a tree, spray painted black with silly photos of myself. I wrapped the glass vase with ribbon to hide the bottom which had rice in it to hold the branches. I also designed little wine glass labels for each friend.

Birthday Table Decor by Living Locurto


Gifts to Celebrate Friendships

My party was all about celebrating my friendships. It’s not very often that I see many of these women, so I wanted it to be a special night.

Each guest was surprised with a beautiful hand-stamped heart Vintage Pearl necklace on her plate. I love The Vintage Pearl! Check out their lovely jewelry here. Erin, the owner of The Vintage Pearl, was so sweet and also included a beautiful “Living Locurto” necklace for me as well! Thanks Erin!!

Vintage Pearl Necklace


Gussy Sews made the most awesome party favors ever!!! Aren’t these bags adorable, fun and bright?

Party Favors Gussy Sews Bags

Gussy made these especially to match my party colors. I love seeing them all together. She makes the most beautiful products.

Gussy Sews Party Favor


Dessert Table

It’s not a birthday party with dessert! My friend Christy from C-Star Cakes made me the MOST amazing cake ever!!

40th Birthday Dessert Table & Cake Living Locurto

How fabulous is this cake?? It was chocolate of course. Thanks Christy for doing such a wonderful job!

Birthday Cake Top

I just bought simple mini cupcakes and added pretty flags to them.

birthday cupcake Flags by Living Locurto



Party Decorations

The party decorations are my FAVORITE part of planning parties!! I saw this picture tree on Pinterest from a wedding and thought it would be perfect for a milestone birthday party. I attached little sayings and photos of my friends. Some from long ago and some new.

Picture Tree

I even made a chalkboard sign for the menu. I’ll show you how I did this later. It’s super easy!

Chalkboard Menu


My girlfriend made the best Sangria! Of course I had to have cute signs to go on the table:-)

Birthday Party Signs

It’s not a 40th birthday without a little silliness! Guest could help themselves to some gum and atomic fire ball candy!

40 Blows Birthday Sign

40th Birthday Party Favors


Outdoor Movie

For the after dinner entertainment, I created an outdoor movie theater in another part of my yard. Yep… more chairs to move! I sure got my workout that day! ha!

Backyard Movie Party

I set up my photography backdrop stand and projector. We watched Bridesmaids and had some fun laughs!

Backyard Movie Birthday Party


I snapped this photo during dinner so I could remember what a special night it was to be with such wonderful friends!

Outdoor Birthday Party Dinner

Thanks so much to all of you who came and made it so much fun!! I missed those of you who couldn’t be here. You might recognize Laurie from Tip Junkie on the left and my girlfriend D’Ann was great and took photos for me. Yay!

Party photos by Amy Locurto and D’Ann Wright.


Shop the Garden Party Printable Collection.

Garden Party Collection

About Amy Locurto

Amy is a creative mom of two and graphic designer. When she's not working on Living Locurto, she's busy designing Printable Party Supplies and working on I Heart Faces, her photography blog. Find Amy on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.


  1. OH MY GOD. You are amazing to have arranged all this yourself. Gorgeous, colorful, and fun.
    Came here via Pinterest.

  2. I was wondering how u made the 40 and still hot cards my husbands 40th is coming up next month and I’m planning on a party?

  3. lashawn says:

    I’ve been looking for the perfect garden party ideal.. i have been collecting for years and i finally said I’m going to do it this year! and when i saw the pictures-THIS WAS PERFECT! Then I read that this was in September and I knew why. I am also a September baby. And i can see we think alike. LOL!

  4. Just browsing on Pinterest for my husbands 40th coming up and came across your party! So adorable and what a great friend you are!! Hope you had a magical birthday!

  5. Nikki Worsley says:

    I love this page it all how I want to 40th Birthday to be relaxing and fun with friends and family…I will be 40 on May 18th I would love to win some supplies this be my first birthday party…

  6. You always have such great ideas…I LOVE the colors and the use of photo memories and all the beautiful touches! Makes me want to gather all my girlfriends and celebrate right now. :)

  7. Amy! I need these ah-maz-ing printables for my moms birthday coming up!! Can you put them in the shop?? PUHLEASE? ;)

  8. I’d love to have these printables. Are they available? It’s quite possible my coffee hasn’t full kicked in and I’ve overlooked the link. Thanks in advance for your help!

  9. Love your ideas!!!!

  10. Stumbled upon your site tonight while semi watching tv. Love the sayings and designs. I’m turning 40 this coming sept 5 and wonder if they are available for downloading.

  11. Hi there!
    I have a friend turning 40 next week. I love your printables for this party idea. Are they available to download?

    Thanks! (and belated happy 40th!)

  12. I would love to use these designs for my upcoming 40th birthday party. Are they available yet?

  13. 40th Birthday Party Ideas http://t.co/wjSjJPbT #party

  14. I think it would be perfect if you can dress up more formal like wearing prom dresses http://bit.ly/uhOeQt. But it was still impressived. Congrats!

  15. cool.

  16. What a gorgeous event this is. Looking at your pictures makes me want to attend. Love the cake, the theme, the necklace, everything. Well planned party! Belated!


  17. Are these designs up? I’d love to do the same!

  18. I’m turning 40 in 9 days, this is great inspiration – happy belated birthday!!!

  19. Happy 40th Birthday. You look amazing! @livinglocurto RT Bright and fun 40th Birthday Party Ideas http://t.co/BOVATrAi

  20. Ronda Sirkovic says:

    Amy – Happy 40th!!! And what an incredible party. I love the bright colors and the selection of colors. My friends and family are throwing me a 40th birthday and I forwarded them this link of your idea. What a great one. Are the printables available yet? Please let me know, I’d love to use your bright lively idea, as opposed to all the black that is out there to choose from. Thanks again for another bright idea! – Ronda

  21. Thanks for linking up Amy! I featured your post in my wrap up http://tidymom.net/2011/im-lovin-it-wrap-up-great-ideas/

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  22. Fabulous 40th birthday!! Amazing!

  23. This post was amazing, and the pictures were awesome. I’m trying to plan a first birthday party for my daughter in a few weeks and this gave me a few ideas. I’m not nearly as creative with making stuff myself as you are, but I think my wife can pull a few of these decorations off. The movie at home idea was fantastic too, we might have to try that for a future adult party. I tried getting people to send me ideas for the party on twitter, but all I got were some pretty wacky ones that are way out there, like this one, which i just posted on my site: http://daddybydefault.com/bad-birthday-party-ideas-2-dirty-diaper-pinata-2/

    Anyway, thanks for the real ideas and decorations.

  24. 40th Birthday Party Ideas: http://t.co/0gp0BF2O

  25. LOVE the colors & decor. Happy 40th!

  26. Fabulous!

  27. Awesome party. Such fun and what a gorgeous group of ladies. Can’t wait to celebrate mine in a few years! Thanks for the inspiration!

  28. Incredible and beautiful! You did a fabulous job. What a gorgeous group of friends! Thanks for the inspiration. I have a few years to go, but what a fun idea!!!

  29. What a beautiful evening you planned! I love the bright colors, SOO much more sophisticated and fun than a black and white 40th party. You have a real talent for party planning, Amy. The details are always fabulous–so glad you were able to celebrate YOU.


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