This Surprise Money Cake Hack is a fun twist on a classic cake. Learn how to transform a simple store bought grocery store cake into a Buc-ee’s themed showstopper, complete with hidden cash for an unforgettable celebration. Perfect for birthdays, this grocery cake makeover is sure to impress!

Surprise Money Cake Hack - Grocery Cake Makeover
How to Make a Grocery Cake into a Surprise Money Cake

Surprise Money CakeGrocery Cake Makeover

Elevate your celebration with this Surprise Money Cake Hack! This quick video shows you how to take a grocery store cake and turn it into a money cake masterpiece.

Tuck away a secret cash bonus inside for an extraordinary surprise that’s ideal for any birthday bash. This Buc-ee’s themed grocery cake makeover isn’t just a treat—it’s a creative and tasty gift for any age!

Make a Store Bought Grocery Cake into a Surprise Money Cake

How to Make a Surprise Money Cake with a Store-Bought Cake

Revamp your ordinary grocery store cake into a spectacular surprise with this simple hack. Here’s a condensed guide to crafting your very own Surprise Money Cake using a convenient Money Cake Kit.

What You’ll Need:

  • Your favorite grocery store cake
  • A Money Cake Kit (a special box to hide money inside the cake)
  • Cash
  • Festive cake toppers or decorations for a personalized touch.
  • OREO Cookies and other candy


  1. Purchase a Cake: Grab a frosted cake from the grocery store—chocolate or vanilla, your choice.
  2. Fill the Money Cake Kit: Neatly stack your bills inside the Money Cake Kit. This clever box keeps your surprise safe and hygienic.
  3. Prepare the Cake: Using the tool provided in the kit, cut a piece of cake from the center of your cake, sized to fit the Money Cake Kit snugly.
  4. Place the Kit: Insert the filled Money Cake Kit into the center of the cake.
  5. Camouflage the Kit: Use extra frosting or decorations to cover any evidence of the kit. Think creative—candies, chocolates, or even a custom topper.
  6. Add Final Touches: Finish off by decorating the cake with toppers, cookies, candy, or a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner to distract from the hidden treasure.

And there you have it—a seemingly ordinary cake transformed into a memorable surprise that’s bound to delight any recipient. Keep it under wraps until the big reveal and watch the surprise unfold!

Surprise Money Cake Hack - Grocery Cake Makeover

Watch the video below for more details. This was such a fun cake to make for my son. Hope you enjoy it!

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