I’m so thrilled to be back to school! Each year, I like do the same 1st day of school photos to watch how my kids are growing. Doing the same pose in the same place, makes photos extra fun to look back upon when the kids are older.

I came up with this idea of using a small chalk board several years ago. It’s fun to see it used by so many other moms these days! Not only is it cute, but it helps me remember later what grade they were in that year.

It’s also fun to see how old the chalkboard gets each year as well! I started this tradition three years ago…


Back to School - © LivingLocurto.com


Tips for Taking 1st Day of School Photos

A good tip for a first day of school photo is to NOT take it on the first day, but stage it to seem like it was their first day. This way, you can take your time, there is no stress and the kids have more fun posing with their new outfits. Or if you insist on it being the first day, you can always take a photo after school.

See the kind of photos I get the first day of school? Cute, but not great.

1st Day of School - © LivingLocurto.com

You might wonder why I think this is not great?

My son was itching to catch the bus, I was arguing with him because I didn’t want my daughter to have a meltdown about riding the bus the first day of kindergarten, and she wouldn’t stop doing her fake “cheese” smile.

My goal was to hurry into the car so we would have plenty of time to walk to our class before anyone started crying. So I quickly snapped a photo fast without looking at the background, getting down on their level, or doing any of my usual tricks to get them to look natural.

I really love planning ahead because I like to hang these photos on our wall. Photos on your wall, which will likely be there forever, should be your best. It’s also good to have a memory of a nice time with your kids… not a stressful hurry up and snap the photo moment.


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Giveaway is now closed.

I have a $100 Target giveaway today and some first day of school photo tips!! YAY! What better way to ring in the school year, but with some new clothes! Thanks to Cherokee USA and Cozi.

$100 Target gift card

To enter to win:

Leave a comment below letting me know what grade was your favorite back to school photo. Could be of you, or your kids.

To get extra entries:

Please leave a comment for each item you do above to get those extra entries!

Giveaway ends Friday, September 2, 2011 at Midnight CST.



Congrats to Bethany!! If your name is Bethany… check your email:-)

Thanks to Cherokee USA and Cozi for sponsoring this giveaway!


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  1. I would say my sons 2nd grade back to school pic is my favorite. They had a really cool decorated chalkboard that he could stand in front of!

  2. My favorite first day of school picture would probably have to be the one on my daughters first day of second grade when she was smiling at me with a cup of orange juice in her hand while walking to the bus. She is in the seventh grade now and since she was missing alot of teeth at the time she always laughs at this picture! πŸ™‚

  3. 1st grade new haircut, big enough to insist on my own clothes and it was a bright yellow seersucker suit, gotta love the 70’s!

  4. My favorite school picture would probably be my kindergarten picture…but I have to say that I like my daughter’s picture from last year better, it was her second grade one, and the only one she ever has had since she was homeschooled before that.


  5. I always loved taking school pictures. My favorites would have to be the ones from elementary school when the whole class would take a picture together.

  6. My favorite back-to-school photo has to be one of my daughter standing in front of our back door on her first day of kindergarten. She is so tiny and cute with missing teeth and a “baby face”.

  7. I think my favorite back to school picture is of my son getting onto the bus the second day of Kindergarten. He turned back to smile with his adorable grin of missing teeth. πŸ™‚ He’s in the 7th grade now. Ha! I would never be able to capture such a moment these days.

  8. I remember the back to school photos of my sister and I posing in front of my grandfather’s rose bushes. I can’t wait to have kids to take these photos my self!

  9. If I remember correctly, I really liked my 8th grade picture. I was in that awkward stage but somehow my picture turned out decent! πŸ™‚

  10. I think my favorite picture was of my preschool/daycare picture. They keep took the pictures and put them on a book bag and I still have the book bag til this day.

  11. My favorite first year photos are from Kindergarten. I used the chalkboard idea for the first time this year and absolutely loved how the pics turned out. I like Living Locurto on facebook.

  12. My favorite first day photo was this year when I used the chalkboard idea. Now I want to make it a tradition! I like Living Locurto on facebook and that is how I got the fantastic idea for the using the chalkboards.

  13. love the chalkboard idea! my favorite first day picture? probably kindergarten. I was all decked out in hello kitty clothes and accessories.

  14. I loved my 11th grade school pic…my hair (which is naturally curly) was amazingly curly and perfect that day…I don’t think it’s ever looked that good since!

  15. I have a neat first day of school photo-my twin sister & I wearing matching dresses that our Mom sewed for us. It was the first day of kindergarten. I have a copy of it on my computer desk. I guess that photo would be about 30 years old now.

  16. My favorate firt day photo had to be kindergarten no wait 1st no 2nd why would you ever make me pick.

  17. I rather like first day First Day photos…even though they’re a little crazy! The first day of school is ALWAYS unorganized and running late, despite careful planning and setting out of clothes/backpacks/shoes/breakfast. The pictures that reflect that feeling, to me, are so representative of the moment.
    What I think I’m going to start doing, though, is take 2nd Day of 2nd Grade, 3rd Day of 3rd Grade and so forth…
    This drawing is a great thing!

  18. Kindergarten – favorite picture of my daughter, it’s the only I’ve got so far as she just started. Looking forward to many more!

  19. I started doing this last year with the chalk board!! I just love it! Thanks for the idea!

  20. LOVE the chalkboard idea!!! My first day pic is a definite Re-Do!! Thanks for the great tip!! πŸ˜‰

  21. My favorite back to school photo is when my now college sophomore first started kindergarten

  22. I love your idea for the first day of school. One idea that I have done every year is find an outfit big enough for the first day of school and take a picture and then use the same outfit for the last day of school and take a picture it shows how much they have grown! I hope I win the gift card! πŸ™‚

  23. My fave back to school photo is from this year. I had my girls hold printed signs saying which grade they are in. Love your chalkboard too!

  24. @Jennifer, oops! My favorite would have to be my twins first day of Kindergarten. However, I definitely could have used these tips. I hate the background in those pictures!

  25. I already like Living Locurto! I can not wait to use your lego collection for my son’s 6th birthday.

  26. I would love to win the gift card! My favorite photo was from my son’s first day of kindergarten…captured after school…my 2 year old ran up to give him a big ol’ hug as he came out of the building. It melts my heart every time I see it! I “like” Living Locurto and Cozi on FB. πŸ™‚

  27. My favorite first day of school picture would have to be when my oldest son went to Kindergarten!

  28. My favorite first day of school picture would have to be when my oldest son went to Kindergarten.

  29. Last year when my son was in 1st grade and my daughter was in 3rd.. I got such such a cute shot of her taking his hand to walk into the building.. He was really nervous! Cried for the first month!

  30. Oh I wish I read this Monday! I took the first day of school photo’s this morning and my daughter was antsy and my son was the fake cheesier!
    My favorite school picture of mine was my kindergarten picture. I was so proud I had lost my two front teeth. I thought it made me seem so much more older, lol. The picture makes me laught because I remember everything I was thinking then, now it just looks silly.
    Thanks for the chance
    TonyaMCrain [at] aol.com

  31. I can’t pick just one…so many friends and family have taken such cute pics of first day of school. I just love to see everyone all dressed up and eager to go to class! πŸ™‚

  32. Two pictures come to mind…One is of my son walking toward his bus stop and all you can see is a head, a backpack, and legs. πŸ™‚ The other is my son holding an apple…on his head. πŸ™‚

  33. great idea with the chalkboard…may have to steal the idea:) my favorite pics r of my kids on kindergarten 1st day. Their innocent eager anticipation is awesome!!

  34. I have 4 kids 20,17, 8 and 6. And I think above all my favorite pic of them has been the first day of Kindergarten. They are always SO excited but yet they don’t have any idea what to expect. LOVE IT !!!

  35. I’d have to say the first grade photo. Its usually when they have lost a tooth or see the new ones coming in. πŸ™‚

  36. the first grade photos will be lasting memory

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  37. TARGET ROCKS! And I totally ADORE the chalkboard idea. I am using that one for sure. πŸ™‚

  38. Wish I had a photo–I left my camera in the car–UGH. But picture this–my 3 year old daughter colored my son’s eyes (while he was sleeping) with a red marker the night before his first day of school. My son had also begged me to paint his toenails….turquoise a few days before school started. So first day of kindergarten my son goes to school with red eyeshadow (marker) and turquoise toenails. What impression!

  39. I don’t have a favorite back-to-school picture yet because my daughter is only 2, but I look at other people’s pictures and can’t wait to be able to experience those “firsts” for myself!!

  40. I love my daughter’s kindergarten picture. Dressed in school uniform, white polo shirt, navy blue skirt, white socks, brown shoes she looked adorable. On the first day of school she was so excited. More than anything she was “walking” to school and to her that was the best part!! She held a sign that read “My First Day of Kindergarten”. She had a smile on her face the entire two blocks we walked to school and when I see that pic it’s what I remember.

  41. I honestly don’t have a favorite year…looking back, I think I like the ones for kindergarten and whatnot. Those were always cute and natural.

  42. I loved the 2nd grade back to school. There was such a big change over the summer in looks.

  43. I remember my siblings and I all sitting on our porch swing making funny faces at my mom. I also remember having to get my first day of school picture even at college!

  44. First grade pic of me and my 2nd grade neighbor holding my hand (my protector) as we were boarding the bus.

  45. My favorite back to school photo had to be last year when my son was going into the 5th grade and we were starting an online public school….such relief in his face. LOVED IT! Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  46. OH! I love this year’s photo of my 4th and 1st grade girls. I take a photo in the same spot every year

    p.s. LOVE the mini chalkboard idea!

  47. All my school photos were so awful, I don’t have a favorite .. . although my mom was a teacher so I have a couple “school” photos from when I wasn’t in school . . . they are cute, but I am also 2 and 3 and I don’t know how anyone isn’t cute at that point!

  48. My parents never took back-to-school photos, and I didn’t think of it myself for my kids until last year (we homeschool), but we did it last year so I guess that was my favorite year :). I love your idea of using a chalkboard – may have to borrow that one. Your photos are wonderful!!

  49. i liked cozi on FB: facebook user myskoop. thanks for this opportunity to win!

    hope you’ll check out my family fun in dfw blog. i’m a dallas gal too(well mckinney to be specific) just found your blog! love it!

  50. My favorite back to school photo was last years of my kiddos-my older two girls were each starting 3rd and 1st grade while my 3 year old daughter jumped in the picture last minute with the HUGEST smile on her face. It was just adorable:) She wanted to be one of the big girls so bad!

  51. My baby boy just started pre-school and my picture of him in his little backpack straining to reach the front door handle because he is super-excited and ready to go is pretty darn cute πŸ˜‰

  52. My favorite is of my kiddos for preschool…they were SO excited to have backpacks that the photo is of their backs! Too cute.

    Great giveaway!

  53. Well, how sad is it that my parents never took a “back to school” photo of me?? πŸ™ My kids aren’t in school yet, but you can bet your buttons that I’ll be taking first day pics of them!!

  54. I had a couple of really good ones in upper elementary school. The last couple I’ve had taken as a teacher have turned out pretty well too! πŸ™‚

  55. I dont think I have any first day of school pictures – but I plan to start taking ones of my son – with either a print out of what grade he is going into or the chalkboard idea! Thanks for sharing!

  56. I’ve tweeted…and I would love $100 to take my daughter back to school shopping!

    My favorite pic is her first year of kindergarten….this year, she graduates college

  57. My favorite was my son’s first day of preschool (1st born) The teacher had told us to not wear nice clothes, as there would be painting, etc. and to be casual. My friend and I howled when we saw our rag muffins ready for school, and remembering that all the other kids looked like they had stepped out of a back to school magazine. Guess we were a bit too literal. LOL

  58. I guess last year’s photo was/is my favorite. It was the first time my daughter was going off to a preschool and it just brings me back instantly to how I felt that morning. Proud and sad all at the same time. And my daughter gave me one of the best smiles ever in the photo!

  59. My daughter started preschool and my son started Kinder the same year.
    I love the pic of the two of them on his first day. (They will in 2nd and 5th this year. )

  60. My favorite picture was of my son getting home off the bus the first day of school. As much fun as it was for him, we all breathed a big sigh of relief when he made it home that first day. It was smiles all around!

  61. My favorite year was freshman year as I was entering high school, had lost a lot of weight and had a great new hair cut! I felt so good about myself!

  62. My favorite school photo was from this year. I put a list of the kids’ favorite things on the photo as a reminder for what they were into. Great idea! Fun to look at later πŸ™‚

  63. I only have one 1st day picture-from kindergarten- (my mom was not a picture person), but I love it! The outfit I was wearing was very 70’s and I had an awesome messenger bag with a balloon appliquΓ© that I literally wore out by 2nd grade πŸ™‚ my daughter just started a new daycare/preschool I tried to take a picture but she was so excited she refused to sit still…so I have one somewhat unfuzzy pic of her πŸ™

  64. For all three of my boys, the kindergarten picture was the greatest!! The enchanted looks on their little faces is something I’ll NEVER forget!!

  65. My mother always took our picture standing by the front door and now I do the same!

  66. I wish my parents were as thoughtful as our current generation. My dad only concerned himself with work and my mom only concerned herself with getting rid of us at school so she can have her own life again haha. That and also film and film processing was not cheap back in the day, I guess. The only picture I have of being back to school was in middle school in 7th or 8th grade. I still keep that picture as a memoir.

  67. I think my favorite picture is of me when I was going to school in the USA for the first time (Kindergarten) in a big yellow school bus. I had on jean overalls and was so excited to go to school. This was in Miami Beach in the 80s. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the opportunity to win some cash for my kids. Blessings to you!

  68. To be completely honest here, I never really had a back to school photo taken by my parents. I did not have a loving childhood where a mother and father took time to treasure life and memories…
    However, I do everything in my power to give my children way more that I had as a child. Therefore, my favorite back to school photo was taken this year. My oldest child started kindergarten. I was/am a mess. I find myself tearing up every time I see her all ready for school. The picture that I took has my daughter all dressed up, backpack on, hairbow in, and a smile stretched across her angelic face! She is genuinely smiling and excited for her first day and has a twinkle in her eye! I love her so much and I will treasure that moment forever!!

  69. I got my first child the same lunchbox that I had – Campus Queen. So our kindergarten first day photos looked somewhat alike – though decades apart in style!

  70. I don’t remember getting back to school pics as a kid, but I liked last year’s pic of my kids – I had 4 out of 5 of them all in the same school.

  71. i love my son’s first day of Pre-K with my husband who was also starting his first year of teaching. πŸ™‚

  72. I loved the picture of my son and daughter together on their first day of Kindergarten and pre-school. They look so grown up and it still makes me cry; even though it was just last year! My kids mean a lot to me so to have both of them in the picture was special.

  73. This year’s photos are my favorite. It’s a big year for us. I have one starting kindergarten, one starting high school and one starting college!

  74. I love this year’s back to school pictures!! So cute! Can’t wait to win Target $$!

  75. Loved my daughters first day of kindegarten, she was 5, and we chose to do homeschool this year, she took pictures in her p.j’s- her favorite picture as well!

  76. First day of business college…glad to have waited a few years to figure what I wanted to learn!

  77. Got to be 5th grade…I was wearing a horribly gaudy striped multi-color sweater and I had a mullet….yes, it was a mullet LOL. My kids make fun of that picture and make my mother pull it out on every holiday gathering.

  78. I never took first day of school pics when I was a kid so taking them for my kids is my favorite.

  79. To be honest, I never liked any photo of myself when I was little, and a lot of the time my parents forgot to take first-day-of-school pics! But if I had to choose, I liked pictures from me around 4th grade πŸ™‚

  80. I hope I can win a giftcard! My favorite school photo was probably first grade, when I was missing my front tooth! LOL I didn’t like it then, but I like it now!

  81. I think every year is my favorite back to school picture. My kids keep getting cuter as they get older. This year 3rd grade and K – fun pictures!

  82. A $100 gift card to the “hundred dollar” store as we like to call it in this house seems rather perfect. Love the idea of writing their age/year on a chalkboard, wish I had thought to do that with my now 4th and 5th graders.

  83. My favorite year was 3rd Grade. My 3rd grade teacher was the substitute teacher for my mother when she was on maternity leave after having me. I had a short “muffin” hair cut, and the smile on my face was very genuine.

  84. I think my favorite back to school picture is my first grade picture….my mom was standing beside me just about to “pop” getting ready to have my little brother within the week….memories.

  85. My favorite is from Kindergarten. My twin sister and I are standing on the front step in our matching red plaid skirts with sweaters that have a cute little scottie dog.

  86. I loved my daughters preschool picture, she looked so young and old at the same time.

  87. I loved my fifth grade picture – I wore an awesome burgundy shirt, had my hair pulled back to one side to show off my cowlick, and I remember feeling pretty that day. Even with my crooked pre-braces teeth, I rocked a fantastic smile! πŸ™‚

  88. My favorite shot was just last year. My boys were going to Kindergarten and 2nd grade. I was taking some pictures and the boys randomly threw their arms around each other. I got this really cute candid shot of their cheesy expressions but cute love of each other too. πŸ™‚

  89. My favorite first day of school pictures were of my kids this year. My daughter started kindergarten and was so excited. We went shopping for a few new outfits and then I made a “I’m a Kindergartner” sign that matched her pink and brown dress. I also made one for my son for preschool that matched his green shirt with a blue stripe. I plan to make them each year.

  90. My favorite back to school picture is of me when I was in about 2nd grade. My hair was long and bleached out from being out in the sun all summer. My two new front teeth look huge! and I am wearing a red Raggedy Ann & Andy dress with a yellow Peter Pan collar and big yellow buttons! Love that dress;-)

  91. Cherokee clothing makes it possible for me to dress my children in a classic comfortable way that stands up to their roughhousing!

  92. My favorite is from kindergarten. I am getting off the bus and my brother is waiting at the end of the driveway for me. It’s so sweet, he missed me while I was gone and ran out to see me when the bus came home. I am a kindergarten teacher so my first day of school photos look different now. My after school photos are of me sleeping on the couch exhausted!

  93. Definitely my favourite photo is the one of my boy standing next to the sign of the kindergarten – he looks excited, sad AND nervous. Much like how I felt at the time.

  94. Oh, my little boy started nursery school this year too – they let me into the classroom to take pictures. My favourite is one where he is happily playing with toy cars – standing behind him, there is another little girl JUST about to paste another little boy in the face for standing too close to her. (2 seconds later, both these kids were crying and my son turns and looks at them and says ‘Stop crying and PLAY WITH ME’…and they DID! Much to the amazement of their parents)

  95. My favorite back to school photo is when I was a Junior in High school. I was really tan so I thought I looked great. Obviously I’m not that superficial anymore πŸ™‚

  96. I love my son’s kindergarten first day of school picture. His smile showed how excited he was and it is probably one of my all time favorite pics of him. Now he just started 5th grade and his fake smile shows how he is so over my first day of school picture taking routine…but I will press on despite his lack of enthusiasm. :0)

  97. My favorite first day pic was of my daugher last year in Pre-K. She looked so grown up and such a beautiful smile.

  98. I love Cozi, and its come so far since it launched. My favorite is the lists upon lists on their site, the easy journal (don’t use it enough) and the app!

  99. Favorite pic was probably 1st grade for me. The next couple of years were acceptable, but oh goodness, 6th-11th grade were so terrible, my own parents didn’t even want to purchase them!!

  100. I don’t remember my parents ever taking a “First Day of School” photo! They both worked full time, so I guess they were already off to work by the time we were ready for school. Kind of sad, but not a big deal!

  101. My daughter is in first grade- I’m definitely taking pictures each year on the first day. It’s so fun to compare year to year how much your child has grown and changed.

  102. 1. Retweeted Living Locurto.
    2. Liked Cozi on FB
    3. Liked Cherokee USA on FB
    4. I already Like Living Locurto on FB (does that count?!)

    Awesome giveaway! I hope I win!

  103. I just loved my daughter’s 1st grade photo – trying to look so much older, but so young and sweet!

  104. My kids are just starting preschool, but I think my favorite photo was when I started the 4th grade.
    I love the chalkboard idea, and it helps keep the photos from getting mixed up.

  105. my daughter’s kindergarten picture, she was so little! its adorable and we have it framed on the table! she’s so adorable!!

  106. I think my favorite back to school picture was 5th grade. I was so nervous going to a new school, and you can totally tell in the pciture!

  107. My favorite photo was probably 3rd grade because that hideous perm I had in 2nd grade had finally grown out and I liked how I looked once again. πŸ™‚

  108. My favorite BTS photo was of my son going to kindergarten last year. Bittersweet moment for me but he looked oh so cute!

  109. My son’s first day of kindergarten is a priceless pic…you can see the fear and excitement written all over his face πŸ™‚

  110. My favorite photo was the 5th grade class photo. My favorite teacher, my favorite memorable friends, and plus it was favorite school.

  111. My favorite photo is his preschool photo! (granted that is the only one we have done so far,,haha) Thanks for the giveaway!

  112. My mom didn’t really take back to school photos…so sad πŸ˜‰ But I will start this year with my daughter going to 4K on Thursday! So excited for her! Thanks for the giveaway!

  113. My oldest just went to Kindergarten so I just started the first day of school photo tradition. Thanks for the advice.

  114. My favorite back to school photo of me was my senior year. It was me and my best friend. You could literally see the excitement in the picture.

  115. My favorite back to school photo was 1st grade. My mother made wringlets in my hair and put me in a sailor outfit. I looked just like Shirley Temple.

  116. I’m so excited to take my daughter’s first “Back to School” photo – she starts preschool in two weeks! I think that will be my favorite, hands down!

  117. My favorite back to school pic was snapped when my mom was praying with my little boy last year. It’s a precious memory πŸ™‚

  118. My favorite back to school photos growing up were the ones where my parents dressed me & my 2-year younger completely opposite sister like twins posing in front of the rose bush in the driveway.

    My favorite back to school photo of my son is his first day of kindergarten, because I remember choking back the proud mom tears to take the picture.

    (I like LL on FB!)

  119. My favorite back to school photo was of me in second grade. I had the best bangs in the world and my mom pufed them up really big. That was also the era of the show Blossom and I had her hat. My mom was crazy about back to school things which I think is why I always like to buy school supplies even now. πŸ™‚

    Cute chalkboard idea by the way!

  120. My favorite first day of school picture is of my son who was not quite 2 at the time, all ready to take big brother to his first day of preschool. Jackson (age 2) has on a gigantic backpack, sun glasses, and a lunch box full of toys. It is such a cute picture, even if he was not going to school that day to stay.

  121. I Like Cherokee USA on Facebook and posted on their wall
    (Tamara Bennington)

  122. There is only one picture of me on the first day of school and that is 4th grade, so that is going to my favorite until my daughters 1st day of 1st grade in a few weeks!! I’m sure that’ll be my new favorite!

  123. My favorite first day of school photo is of myself before kindergarten. My mom put me in the world’s smallest blue blazer. Ah, the 80s.

  124. My favorite is of my daughters’ last year: oldest was going into PreK and the youngest was just starting 2 year old preschool. My oldest was SO excited about being in PreK and her pics showed. My youngest plays hard to get and gives a great “stink eye” look!

  125. My favorite school photo was of my daughter in preschool. She wore a black glow in the dark kitty shirt and would hear of nothing else. It was hot and long sleeve but oh was she happy!

  126. I took 1st day of School pictures every year of my girls starting with preschool! Those pictures of them all dressed in pigtails, OshKosh outfits, lace socks, new shoes and a backpack full of every supply they might need are what memories are made of! When my yougest graduated from High School in June I made her a photo album with those pictures. I hope she always treasures those pictures as much as I do! I hope I win the gift card to buy a new cameral to make memories of Grandbabies going to school someday!

  127. My favorite school pic was myself in first grade. It cracks me up because if you look really closely I had a Michael Jackson pin attached to my shirt!

  128. My kids kindergarten photos are my favorite. I have taken photo’s every year of their first day. Wondering if my High School-er is gonna let me snap away this year. Haha!

  129. When my older son was going into 3rd and our youngest to Kindergarten=getting to go to school together for the next 3 years πŸ™‚

  130. I loved Kali’s kindergarten photos last year…I also always laugh at my sisters 8th grade photo when she got a really bad grandma perm…;)

  131. This year’s photos were pretty awesome (I did a chalkboard too) because it was my baby’s 1st day of Kindergarten. But, last year’s were so cute when my older daughter had a uniform; she looked so grown up. Sniff…

  132. We have a giant ruler that I take the boys’ picture in front of on the first day of school and the last. They love to see how much they grew over the school year.

  133. My favorite photo is of my boys when they were in kindergarten and 2nd grade. Can’t wait to take their photo in the morning when they start school since their sister will be joining them for the first time. =)

  134. My favorite has to be this year, with my 2nd grader and 2 kindergarteners. They had signs saying what grade they were in, and the looks on their faces were so excited.

  135. My favorite First day of School photo is of all 3 of our kids. Our youngest was just starting kindergarten, which meant all 3 were in school. It was a bittersweet moment. I didn’t have to miss them too much as I worked at the school they attended.

  136. I already sent in a response about my daughter Elise and I looking similar in both of our kindergarten pictures! Posted on FB, Twitter, Cherokee and Liked Cozi and Living Locurto!

  137. My favorite photo was of my 2 older brothers and me getting on the school bus. I was heading off to first grade and was wearing navy blue knee socks and a calico print dress with a huge Peter Pan collar that my mother had sewn for me. It was soooo 70’s!

  138. my favorite back to school photo was me walking my son to mothers day out for the first time last year. He insisted on wearing his backpack that was almost larger than him… Too cute!

  139. I love my daughter’s first day of Kindergarten pictures. It was misting outside so I told her to grab the umbrella, she grabbed my huge golf umbrella and was standing outside twisting it…so cute!

  140. My favorite first day Of school photo is definitely the one I just took last week of my son going into pre-k. I made him a little sign to hold that said first day of pre-k and the date. I love it. I plan to do this with my daughter and start the tradition with my big boys…I’m a little late with them. Ones already in 4th grade.

  141. My favorite back to school picture was actually when I was in kindergarten. I really liked this picture because it was in front of the door to my classroom which had an awesome purple door by the way. that is one back to school picture which really sticks out in my mind.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win this. This is an awesome giveaway. Thanks again.


  142. My favorite back to school picture was one my mom quickly took as I was getting into my friend’s car for her to drive me to school. It had to have been my jr. or sr. year of high school. I like it because I remember not wanting her to take it, but of course I’m so glad she did! It also had my best high school buddy in it.

  143. My favorite school photo was in 5th grade. My hair feathered perfect that day! Gotta love the 80’s.

  144. Excited about the giveaway!! My favorite school photo would have to be the 1st day of kindergarten. A big day for mommy and child!!

  145. I would love to be the winner of the 100!! Just came off maternity leave and my 11 year old needs school clothes so bad, but teachers don’t get paid when we are home with babies…:-(

    thank you! :0-)

  146. My favorite is my son’s first day of preschool picture from last year. It was the first of many “first days.” πŸ™‚

  147. My mom never took first day photos πŸ™ but I certainly plan to start with my son’s first year of preschool next year!

  148. My favorite 1st day of school pictures are of my girls on each of their 1st day of kindergarten. They’re both full of excitement and yet nervous – very innocent. Love 1st day of school pictures! Thanks for the tips..will use them next year!

  149. I think my kindergarten 1st day photo is my favorite – I was getting on the bus with my best friend and my mom snapped the phot just as I was looking back at her. makes my heart smile

  150. I don’t remember having a picture of myself in school, I guess my mom didn’t have a camera jajajja That’s why I love taking pictures of my kids all the time. First day of school will be my favorite !!

  151. My favorite back-to-school picture is of each of my kiddos holding their “First day of _________” sign in front of the armoire in our living room. I chose this because it is a piece of furniture that we will have forever and it is a fun way to measure how much they grow each year! πŸ™‚

  152. What a cute idea with the chalkboard, I’ll have to start this tradition with my little one! My favorite back to school pic was my 5th grade year, my mom dressed me in a red shirt and blue jean skirt!

  153. I love the pictures of my oldest (9 now) going to kindergarten. He was holding my husband’s hand with his Superman backpack on and I captured it as they were walking away from me, going into the building! I would totally tweet this info, if I was on Twitter! πŸ™‚

  154. my fave BTS pic was last year-kindergarten for my son. he was so excited to be a “big boy”

  155. My favorite back to school pictures are my daughter’s kindergarten pictures. There’s a sense of excitement and nervousness going on – so innocent. Love 1st day of school pictures! Loved your tips though!

  156. Favorite was Kindergarten. My daughter Elise (now 2nd grade) was adorable with her little ribbons and knee socks! Her first grade picture looks almost exactly like mine! Sweet memories!

  157. I don’t have any of the first day, but I think the day we had school pictures and it was girl scout meeting day meaning I wore the wrong outfit is pretty classic.

  158. Favorite picture was when my two oldest were just starting out (9 years ago). They were so little and innocent then!!!

  159. My favorite picture is my daughter’s second year of preschool. She’d become a fashionista & was SO proud of her new outfit, curled hair, and backpack. She posed like a pro & had fun having her picture taken. The first year she didn’t even want to go to school. So, trying to coax a smile was not an easy task. Thanks for sharing the tips. This is her first year of kindergarden and will be riding the bus, so we may try taking them before school actually starts.

  160. We actually NEVER took first day of school photos growing up! Isn’t that sad? My daughter’s 2, so it’ll be a little longer before we get to do that for her, but I think it’s a great idea.

  161. My favorite back to school photo is one with my son and his Dad walking hand in hand up the sidewalk. I took it from behind and you can see how eager he is to get to his class. πŸ™‚

  162. Would love to win the Target gift. Seems like we’re in Target every other day for back to school supplies!

    Thank you!

  163. My favorite back to school picture of my toddler was her first year of day care. We moved from Chile to the US and even thought I love her current day care, when she was in Chile she was able to my moms day care! When my daughter saw my mom she was soooo happy and the picture we have from that day is AMAZING.

  164. My favorite back to school pic is of my first son, Jordan. It was actually his first day of daycare, which I have always referred to as school because I am sending him there to learn and grow! BUt in his pic, he still wasn’t able to sit up on his own yet and he has a big smile and looks like he is giving me a thumbs up in the picture. Too cute!

  165. My tip, which I have been doing for years now (my oldest is in 12th this year and my youngest is in 5th) is to pick a spot, like in front of the fireplace, and use it for the background every year. You can really see how much they grow over the years. Also, if you happen to move over the years, the fireplace is often standard in most homes, so you can still measure the changes. If you don’t think you’ll be moving, a young tree in the background is also great, so you can see how not only your children, but everything else changes too!

    I “Like” you on Facebook

  166. My favorite back to school photo was the one of my two children together in front of our new house. It was just a great way to start the new school year!!! It was last year Pre-K and 1 yr. old!!! Doesn’t get any sweeter!!!

  167. My favorite picture is of my 1st grader when she was going to preschool. My husband was walking her to school with her huge back pack on her little body and they are holding hands. Oh, its of the back of them, down the sidewalk-sooo sweet!

  168. My favorite back to school photo was when my older daughter was staring kindergarten. I was trying to get good shots of her and when I had the pictures developed I noticed her younger sister was in every shot, imitating her pose. Priceless.

  169. My favorite is of my sister and me by the birch trees in our front yard–we must have been 3rd and 1st grades or so…backpacks as big as us and all.

  170. ALL of my back to school photos were great! Every year my mom got a picture of me at the lamp post. It is great to put them side by side!

  171. Oh dear…which photo? I think 4th grade was fun because they took the photos outside and had us lean against a tree…

  172. My favorite school picture was when my youngest started school, she looked so small and cute, can’t believe how big my girls have gotten.

  173. My children just started school yesterday. I have a 2nd grader, two 3rd graders and a 5th grader. I have always taken a pic of them all together for the first day of school but normally it is just a smile and say cheese kind of photo. While I did another one of those this year, I decided to also do a “silly” photo – the kids and I both LOVED it! It will surely become our new tradition. πŸ™‚

    PS I already ‘like’ Cozi and Living Locurto. Just ‘liked’ Cherokee USA and will post the silly pic there! πŸ™‚

  174. Kindergarten was my favorite “first day of school” picture. The excitement is so obvious!!

  175. My favorite back to school photo I like to look at is actually a terrible photo from 6th grade, and I mostly like it because I love to laugh at my awkward stage and be grateful I am there no longer.

  176. One of my favorite back to school pictures is of my youngest when she started “Mother’s Morning Out” when she was 18 months old. She was smiling so big and being so proud of her lunch box. Unfortunately, she cried the entire 3 hours of what I liked to call “crying school”. I eventually had to withdraw her because she wasn’t quite ready to be away from her mommy. She’s now 4 and LOVES school!!

  177. My favorite back to shool photo is Kindergarden of my son. As he gets older…he complains taking pictures! Kindergarden picture was the only one that I got a REAL BIG smile! πŸ™‚

  178. I love my son’s preschool picture – he dressed himself in a blazer and clip on tie – adorable! I like LL on facebook! I also liked Cherokee and Cozi on FB. Thank you!!!

  179. When my kids were growing up we did the “first” day of school pictures each year…so fun to look back at. Now my kids are taking them of their kids….infact….Heidi is using one of the free downloads that you shared.
    Thanks so much.

  180. My favorite picture is from kindergarten. I was so excited to be going to school for the first time.

  181. My favorite back to school photo was of my little gal going into school this year (She is starting 1st grade). She threw the horns, who can beat that, right? πŸ™‚

  182. I already Like Living Locurto on Facebook (I had a double entry regarding liking Cherokee, sorry, please delete one?)

  183. When both my kids had their first day together….now 20 and 15. Wish I could have those days back.

  184. My son began kindergarten this year and of course this is my favorite! He held up a sign I printed saying “My First Day of Kindergarten”. I absolutely cherish it!

  185. My favorite back to school photo of my daughter is from kindergarten . . . everything was so new and fresh for both of us!

  186. My favorite back to school photo of my daughter was last year as she was entering Kindergarten and had never been away from me EVER! The class read “the Kissing hand book and made a little craft to go with it and her hand prints I display the photo I took of her before she got on the bus with it.. In my opinion no amount of money can come close to that..

    P.S I waited til the bus pulled away before I balled my eyes out on my husbands shoulder as he laughed…

  187. Unfortunately the only back-to-school picture I remember is my first day of kindergarten, what a day that was!

  188. Oh, how I would love to win! Thanks so much for the generous opportunity! The school day pictures are adorable even with the fake cheese smile πŸ™‚

  189. My Favorite pictures are of both my boys very first experience at school and starting Pre-Kindergarten. Thank you for this opportunity, love all the posts. I liked LL, Cherokee, and Cozi on facebook. I also submitted my pics on Cherokee fb contest page, check them out πŸ™‚

  190. My favorite Back to School photo was my Kindergarten of my brother and I. I was excited to start school with my cute little backpack, nap mat and a full head of curly hair!

    I liked Cherokee USA, LL and Cozi on Facebook!!

  191. I take photos pf my kids in front of our school sign on the first day of each new school year – so fun to see how they grow and change over the course of a year!

  192. I think my favorite back to school picture would be of my 5 yr old, just starting kindergarden! She had to wear a dress that she knew her friends “would just love”!. It reminds me of my baby girl growing up!

  193. I love taking pictures of the kids getting on the bus and I also get a shot of their siblings who are not yet in school watching on the porch wishing they were going.

  194. My favorite was my daughters 4th grade shot. She was standing with 4 fingers up and my two younger children (1 and 3 at the time) were standing next to her, looking up at her with admiration. So sweet!

  195. My favorite first day of school picture is of my son’s first day of Preschoool. {{Which just happened to be taken yesterday :0) }} Thanks for letting me share Amy!!

  196. My favorite back to school photo was this year. My 13 year old son is starting to roll his eyes at the whole idea. I can still get him to crack a smile but you can see the smile and the attitude on his face. Cracks me up!

  197. I had no idea Cozi was on FB. I have their AMAZING app on my Epic. I LOVE it! And now, Im a fan of Cozi on FB! :0)

  198. My daughter will start 3 yr old preschool in a few weeks… So I’m sure that picture will be. Favorite! πŸ™‚

    And hmmmm…. My favorite back to school picture was probably by 2nd grade picture. Pigtails, glasses, and suspenders…oh yes:)

  199. I love the pics of both of my older kids when they were heading to Kindergarten….the nervous and excited looks on their faces were awesome.

  200. I’d have to say my favorite bts shot was of my two daughters hugging on my oldest’s first day of kindergarten (more like the younger one hanging on for dear life). Big sis was moving on without her — sweet shot ;o)

  201. My oldest is also starting 3rd grade and my youngest is starting kindergarten too. I took a picture of them with a small white board similar to the chalkboard. And my oldest insisted on a messenger bag this year just like your sons!

  202. I love looking back at my 3rd grade school pic. Speaking of pics with chalkboards…..I was ALWAYS the shortest kid in my class, so I always had to be the kid to hold the chalkboard with the class name on it.

  203. My daughter is only 20 months, so no cute back-to-school pictures yet. I’m sure I’ll have a favorite in a couple years. πŸ™‚

  204. We homeschool, and have never made a big deal about taking photos at the beginning of a new school year. This year, my son is off to public high school, and I’m planning to sneak a shot as he walks down the street to the bus. I’m thinking this could be a good one (my favorite so far) if only I can be sneaky enough! LOL

  205. My favorite was 3rd grade! I had huge bangs and totally thought I was a princess! My son is 3 and I can’t wait tell we start the adventure of school!

  206. Oh man, I love all of my kids back to school pictures. Though when I look back the first day of preschool I get tears in my eyes.

  207. I still remember the first day of school photo of my daughter, Lisa. She was so excited about going to school and it showed in her smile. She will be starting her first day of grad school next week. How time flies!

  208. My son is just entering Kindergarten. Last year I started a new tradition where on the first day of school I measure his height and mark it on his growth chart. Then I take a picture of him with his backpack on. I love starting new traditions with our young son and love other ideas like yours as well!

    Thanks for LL!

  209. My favorite back to school photo will be this year! LOL. I’ve been so inspired these past few weeks with the many ideas and cool printables. I’m going to do a combo of both the printable sign “First Day of…” and I bought a chalkboard “talking bubble” shape from Michaels. They could write how they feel, too!

  210. My favorite back to school photo of myself was 1st (or 2nd- can’t recall just which) grade. I thought it was proper to smile with my two big front teeth chomping down on my lip. I did have GREAT hair though!

  211. I love the contrast between my 7th & 8th grade back to school photos. Clearly, I discovered hairspray that summer!

  212. My family was never big on back to school photos so there aren’t any of me over the years.

    My poor children however will be photo’d and video’d to death, but I think they will enjoy looking back on the pictures when they are older. We will be taking our first pics this year as they enter Preschool!

  213. I’m not sure I had a favorite first day of school picture–since there were 5 of us, film was kind of expensive back then!! πŸ™‚

    Yea Target!!

  214. My parents never took back to school pics of me and my sisters. So by process of elimination it has to be of my kids. I love the picture of my daughter before getting her dressed for pre-k. Still in her jammies looking so little and sweet!

  215. My favorite school pictures is when my oldes (now only 6) was going into his 4 year old class and his little brother into the 3 year old class. Their sweet little smiles and the cute backpacks that were almost bigger than them.

  216. My favorite is my oldest daughters kindergarten 1st day photo. She was so proud to be going to big girl school!

  217. I don’t have many photos from school, but my favorite back to school photo of my niece is from kindergarten. My sister took pictures of Catie with her friends walking to class holding hands from both the front and back view. They turned out great!

  218. My favorite school photo of me is Kindergarten! I had this crazy black and white dress on with a massive white bow in my hair! Oh..and I was holding an umbrella..totally random!!

  219. This year’s first day of school pic of my grandson and granddaughter (3rd and 1st grades). Their two year old cousin, my youngest grandson, had to get in the picture, too!

  220. Enjoyed looking at the first day of school photos and reading through all the helpful tips! Thanks for sharing this and I am excited about the Target gift card contest.

    Your blog is awesome and I always learn something new every time I read it.

    You rock!
    Stephanie Inge
    Rowlett, Texas

  221. Definitely my fave back to school photo has to be kindergarten, technically not “back” to school, but the excited looks on their faces is magical!

  222. I have one of me when I was in kindergarten or 1st grade in a white shirt and purple jumper, so sweet and cute!

  223. So far Kindergarten was my favorite photo of my daughter’s first day of school. It was raining, so she had on her special raincoat and matching boots and the sky just made for a perfect photo.

  224. Just posted this year’s back to school photos and they are my favorite so far. Probably because I am still so dang happy that summer is over. #momoftheyear

  225. I have a 15 month old, so we don’t have any back to school pics yet, but I have a picture of myself in 1st grade with these huge bangs, a sweater dress and missing teeth, I think it’s a fun one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  226. My favorite school picture was 2nd grade. They had a big number 2 there for us to pose with. I recently got married and displayed the photo — still gets chuckles!

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