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You started Kindergarten today. It’s hard to believe you are five years old and going off to school with your brother. You are the most independent, brave girl I know. I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about you being afraid. I have to admit there were a few things I was worried about though.

First of all, you are like your mommy and NOT a morning person. I was so thankful that you woke up in a great mood and excited for school. The only pouting was with your big brother because he wanted to ride the bus with his friends. I think later, he was happy that he waited with us and walked into school together.
Kindergarten ©

Even though your brother acts like he’s Mr. Independent, he’s always happy to have us around! He was excited for 3rd grade and the fact that we got to walk him to his room, probably, most likely, secretly made his day:-)

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As I figured, you were not one bit scared to walk to your class. Not even the crowds of parents in the hallways seemed to bother you!

Kindergarten ©


After squeezing through the parents in the kindergarten hallway and putting your Hello Kitty backpack in your locker, you walked right up to your teacher to hand her your folder. What impressed me the most is how nice and well behaved you acted when you had to wait your turn!

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Brave yes, but a patient girl, you are not. This is the part that concerned me the most about you going to school. Would you throw a fit out of the blue? Would you scream your louder than a dinosaour scream, because something didn’t go your way? As one of the youngest in your class and knowing how loud your voice can be. Yes, I was more than a little worried. What if you just laid on the ground and started kicking everyone? (Yes, it’s been known to happen:-)

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But no, you were so sweet and talked to your teacher like such a big girl. Way to go!!

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I giggled as you sat in your seat by your best buddy and listened as you two talked. Little does your teacher know, you two have known each other since birth, been in preschool together since you were two and will probably be chatting it up most of the day!

I giggled even more as he apologized for saying he didn’t like girls last week. You accepted his apology and understood that it was just his older brother teasing him about having girlfriends that made him say that. All was well again in your world as you introduced your stuffed friends to each other.

Kindergarten ©

How cute are you two getting out your journals?  I can’t wait to see what picture you drew on your first page!

Kindergarten ©

As circle time came around, it was time for me to go. I tried to hide behind the file cabinet, but you still knew I was there. I hope you know that I will always be there for you no matter what. One of these days when you go off to college, I’ll be hiding behind a tree instead of a cabinet for photos. Just get ready because mom loves you a ton!

Kindergarten ©

You’re probably having a blast at school right now. I will miss our days at home together, but really, I’m so excited for you! I had not one tear, but a giant smile on my face as I left the school. You make me smile so much.

I love you! – Mommy

P.S. – Here is your brother’s kindergarten letter. It sure is fun to look back and see how much you both have grown!


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  1. @Amy,
    Thanks, Amy! You’re right; taking photos did distract me from everything. It went better than I expected, and I didn’t completely break down (yay, lol!)!
    I wrote my own letter last night, and that made me start crying again, though. ;o)

  2. Oh, this was just the sweetest Amy. I had no idea how many things we had in common. 1. a daughter in kindergarten 2. a son in third grade 3. a daughter with a hello kitty backpack 4. our names are amy

    That was a rough day, wasn’t it mama? Thinking of you!! xoxo

  3. Hey Amy,

    Great post. Our kids are the same ages – my older one is starting 3rd grade this year and my baby goes to Kindergarten. Can’t believe it! it feels like she was forever in preschool!

    We still have over 2 weeks until the big day. Still in summer mode here in NY. 🙂

  4. Reading this post almost made me want to cry. Kids grow up so fast, don’t they? My daughter will start kindergarten next week and I am already extremely nervous for her. She is the shy type so I’m crossing my fingers that everything will be okay on that day, and hopefully I don’t cry either.

  5. Darling kids! We didn’t have kindergarten when I was young. My favorite photo wouldn’t be from 1rst grade, because I remember my mom cutting off my “Annie Oakley” braids and giving me a perm. I was crushed & mortified. But I love pics of my children from kindergarten. Is it me, or do kids these days seem so much more mature? Thanks for sharing your snaps.

  6. Oh Amy- This is such a sweet idea. What a wonderful keepsake this will be for her someday all too soon. I have a 3 year old- and just thinking of this being her in a couple years made me tear up! Thanks for sharing such a touching moment. Hugs!

  7. MY little boy headed off to his first day of Kindergarten today also. I didn’t cry… until I read your letter… now I’m BAWLING!

  8. @Kristi,

    Oh yeah, the 2nd one is a breeze:-) I could totally tell the parents who were taking kids to school for the first time. Most were crying:-) Enjoy 1st grade!

  9. Your children are darling. I sent my son off today for his first day of high school. The tug of the heartstrings never leaves us moms. I feel so proud of him yet I am worried. He was sooo nervous the past few days-I really felt for him. I’m sure that all is well.

  10. @Peggy,

    Taking a lot of photos will keep your mind off of it too. Really, the other parents crying were making me about to cry over my daughter actually going to school. Ha! Sounds like your son will do great. Enjoy the first day, it’s very exciting!

  11. Ah, how adorable! It is easier with the 2nd one I think, especially when they totally exceed your expectations. I had to grin at her elephant, cause my guy LOVES elephants too and takes his one precious one everywhere…of course now he is a big 1st grader and don’t need those so much 😉

  12. LOVE the pic of her watching you watch her. What a great moment to capture!
    I have to admit, you letter made me tear up a bit… My son will be starting kindergarten in a few weeks, and I am very anxious. Like your daughter, he is very independent and SO ready for school to start. I’m just sad that my baby is already headed off to school & I think about all our years together at home…
    I think I’m going to write a letter as well, and I’m hoping that might alleviate my anxiety a little. :o)

  13. Loved reading this. Today is my little man’s first day at kindergarten as well. We didn’t get lucky enough to have any of his friends in his class. Oh how I wish we had! We were also not allowed to “hang around” and watch as class started, so we were on our way. Better I guess for him. We have to let them grow up. Right?
    Enjoy your free time today!

  14. Congratulations! Your kids are so darling. I love back to school Month, it makes me so happy and sad. Very bittersweet watching them grow up. You captured the first day beautifully!

  15. My sons first day of kindergarten was today too. 🙁
    What a weird feeling! Glad to hear about all the other mamas experiences!

    Chrissy @

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