8 Beautiful Hanging Porch Beds

8 Beautiful Hanging Porch Beds

I absolutely love porches and am totally hooked on hanging beds!

Check out this inspiration and I hope to have a hanging bed of my own to show you someday.

8 Beautiful Hanging Porch Beds

I want to be her right now! Photo via Coastal Living

8 Beautiful Hanging Porch Beds

Get instructions on how to make a hanging porch bed similar to this at Better Homes and Gardens.

8 Beautiful Hanging Porch Beds

A lovely hanging porch bed via Pottery Barn.

8 Beautiful Hanging Porch Beds

Photo via Apartment Therapy

8 Beautiful Hanging Porch Beds

I found this handmade bed from Bedzz Without Legzz. (Their link no longer works, so I guess they don’t make them anymore… too bad!)


8 Beautiful Hanging Porch Beds

Here is a pretty hanging porch bed that you can purchase online!


8 Beautiful Hanging Porch Beds

I love the fun bright colors of this hanging bed. Photo via Apartment Therapy.


8 Beautiful Hanging Porch Beds

Love this porch bed overlooking the water! Photo via BHG.

Which one of these is your favorite? I’m all about the pink one, although this last porch looks so relaxing!


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  1. I can’t get enough looking at other designs for bed swings. We limit ourselves to just one design because we are very good at it and also think it is the best compromise of all designs. Great pics!

  2. Thank you for showcasing Porch Beds! You’ve found some beautiful photos. We also make Swing Beds (also known as Bed Swings or Porch Beds). Our swings are made of cypress and are available in many sizes. We’ve been in business over 25 years! Check us out here – http://www.cypressmoonporchswings.com/swing-beds.html

  3. Wow these are amazing, I want one. Really love the first one.

  4. One day I want to have one of these hanging beds http://www.livinglocurto.com/2009/07/hanging-porch-beds/

  5. my hanging bed was the cover shot for pottery barn befor they carried them.a bed with a arm & a back is much more comfortable

  6. The Floating Bed is the most comfortable bed, most units sold, most experience, best designed product. These are the ultimate porch beds, and I have tried many.

  7. Check out some of these porch beds and http://www.SwingBedsOnline.com.

  8. My handyman is copying the first bed and I’m hanging it my study/tv room. He’s almost finished and I can hardly wait! He’s hanging it very low so my elderly dog can get on it without too much trouble

  9. See my blog for a recent job we did…hanging bed pic…


  10. Ah if only the weather in the UK supported the use of porch beds :/

  11. I must say that the one I built is of course my favorite, but perhaps I am being a tad biased. I did find some great inspiration to add to my designs and website

    There is something very exciting about seeing your work on someone’s website. I was a little upset, since my pickett/romantic bed did not get many votes, but just wait until you see the latest! Anyone who visits my site and orders a bed, mention you saw it here and I will give you 20% off!!

  12. My hubby is just like Screwed Up Texans…he thinks he can recreate any project for “much, much cheaper” and then every project ends up being a lot more expensive and looks homemade. Drives me crazy! ;)

    The first one is my very favorite…I would be in heaven to have that hanging on our porch!

  13. I love these! I saw one once, but didn’t think of it as a bed, I thought it was just a deep bench swing! I’d love one whenever my porch ceiling is replaced.

  14. I’ll take the Coastal Living bed any day. Heck, I’ll take anything from Coastal Living. I love that mag. Our neighbor’s daughter has a hanging bed in her room. It is adorable!

  15. While completely beautiful to look at and probably comfy to sit on, I simply cannot lay down on them… and swing. I get overwhelmingly nauseous! Sadly, no adorable hanging bed allowed over here– feel sorry for me!


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