Beautiful backyard home decor inspiration for hanging porch swing beds. Creative swing bed ideas for your home, backyard or garden. This is definitely outdoor entertaining at it’s best!

Best outdoor hanging swing beds - home decorating ideas
15 Beautiful Hanging Porch Swing Beds

15 Beautiful Hanging Porch Swing Beds

Nothing says relaxation more than a hanging swing bed! Whether it’s enjoying an afternoon nap in the sun, reading a good book with a glass of wine, or simply sitting and taking in nature across your backyard, adding a swing bed to your outdoor living space is the perfect way to enjoy all that the outdoors have to offer.

We absolutely love porches and totally hooked on swing beds and hanging porch beds!

Swing beds are my new obsession. I see them everywhere now and dream of having a nice front porch to hang one. Unfortunately, I don’t have a pretty wrap around porch, but I do have a great backyard.

Even without a porch, these hanging beds would be wonderful inside any room or in your yard. You could add one to an arbor on your patio or backyard. Even put one in a bedroom. There are so many great places to hang a swinging bed!

Hanging Porch Swing Beds

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Backyard Porch Swing Inspiration

Check out our Favorite backyard and porch swing beds. Some of these you can buy now or make yourself with directions. Just follow the links to find out more details about each swing bed.

I hope to have a hanging bed of my own to show you someday. Enjoy these inspiring ideas for your home!

15 Beautiful Swing Beds for Your Home

From classic white accents to tropical inspired designs, there are lots of beautiful options out there for you make this dreamy addition to your home.

1. Rustic Porch Swing Bed

A rustic hanging porch bed is always gorgeous! I want to be her right now! Photo via Coastal Living

8 Beautiful Hanging Porch Beds

2. Classic Swing Bed

This classic swing bed is a beauty! You can find one similar here on Amazon. I love the blue and yellow throw pillows. Find similar pillows here.  

3. Ranch Style Hanging Bed

Rachel Halvorson designed this beautiful ranch style hanging swing bed for country musician Ronnie Dunn.

Beautiful farm house hanging porch swing bed! Rachel Halvorson designed this beautiful hanging swing bed for country musician Ronnie Dunn.

4. Hammock Porch Bed

When you don’t have a place to hang a bed, this gorgeous swinging hammock style bed with canopy is perfect! –> Get this bed here.

15 Beautiful Hanging Swing Beds - hammock bed with shade canopy

5. Decorative Porch Swing Rope

You can buy a beautiful hanging rope to replace the usual porch swing chain. Or get creative with a rope design to hide your porch swing chain similar to this gorgeous hanging porch bed! via Southern Living, photo by Laury W. Glenn.

Beautiful hanging swinging porch bed. Love the rope design!

Shop Similar Swinging Bed Ropes:

6. Tuscany Style Swing Bed

This is a lovely hanging swing porch bed with ropes via Pottery Barn. They no longer sell this one, but you can find one similar here.

8 Beautiful Hanging Porch Beds

Shop Similar Items:

7. Traditional Porch Swing Bed

A traditional porch swing transformed into a large bed with ropes in place of chains is a gorgeous addition to any home! –>Get this porch bed here.

Porch Swing Bed with Rope

8. Playroom Swing Bed

What a wonderful play space with a beautiful hanging porch bed. Photo via Apartment Therapy

8 Beautiful Hanging Porch Beds

9. Picket Fence Porch Bed

I found this handmade bed from Bedzz Without Legzz. (Their link no longer works, so I guess they don’t make them anymore… too bad!) I love the fence headboard. This would be fun to make!

8 Beautiful Hanging Porch Beds

10. Portable Backyard Swing Bed

This is another fun portable bed for your yard or patio. Find it here. I love how it lays totally flat from a porch swing and will fit up to 2-3 people.

15 Beautiful Hanging Swing Beds - Portable patio bed. Outdoor home decorating ideas.

11. Bright Swing Bed

I love the fun bright colors of this hanging bed. Photo via Apartment Therapy. Love this style for your patio? I found some colorful pillows here, here and here. They are so fun and festive!

Beautiful Hanging Porch Beds

12. Hanging Swing Bed from Pallets

This DIY hanging bed made with a pallet is so fun! Get directions here.

How to Build a Hanging Swing Bed from Pallets

13. Hammock Porch Swing

A hammock porch swing is not really a bed, but it’s so comfortable you can sleep in one! –> Find a hammock porch swing here.

hammock porch swing bed

14. Incredible Outdoor Daybed with Canopy

One of my all time favorite outdoor beds is a daybed! This is not a hanging bed, but I’ll take it! Find something similar here.

15 Beautiful Outdoor Patio Beds - Outdoor home decorating ideas.

How do you Build a Swing Bed?

Are you ready to build your own hanging swing bed for your outdoor living space? Here are a few great tutorials to help you get started.

For our 15th inspiration, get instructions on how to make a hanging swing bed similar to this at Better Homes and Gardens.

15 Beautiful Hanging Swing Beds - how to build a porch swing bed. Outdoor home decorating ideas.

Which Hanging Swing Bed is Your Favorite?

I’m all about the pink one, but would take them all! Don’t miss this amazing before and after Bathroom Cabinet Makeover!

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  1. A simple wooden swing bed with rope ties and rustic accents like burlap cushions and natural wood finishes can add a cozy touch to your backyard.

  2. My handyman is copying the first bed and I’m hanging it my study/tv room. He’s almost finished and I can hardly wait! He’s hanging it very low so my elderly dog can get on it without too much trouble

  3. My hubby is just like Screwed Up Texans…he thinks he can recreate any project for “much, much cheaper” and then every project ends up being a lot more expensive and looks homemade. Drives me crazy! 😉

    The first one is my very favorite…I would be in heaven to have that hanging on our porch!

  4. I love these! I saw one once, but didn’t think of it as a bed, I thought it was just a deep bench swing! I’d love one whenever my porch ceiling is replaced.

  5. I’ll take the Coastal Living bed any day. Heck, I’ll take anything from Coastal Living. I love that mag. Our neighbor’s daughter has a hanging bed in her room. It is adorable!

  6. While completely beautiful to look at and probably comfy to sit on, I simply cannot lay down on them… and swing. I get overwhelmingly nauseous! Sadly, no adorable hanging bed allowed over here– feel sorry for me!

  7. I have to say the first one is my absolute fav. I could lounge on that all day (first sending my kids away). Looks so inviting and relaxing!

  8. I love the apartment therapy one! I used to have 2 porches in our old house. How I miss them! Our current home had a back porch but it was converted into an indoor room by the previous owners. Love having an extra room but nothing beats a porch! ~Tracy

  9. I’m with you, the last one looks great! But I also like the first one, reminds me of summer camp. (Not that I ever went to summer camp, much less a camp with porch beds!)

  10. I am visiting from Julia’s Hooked on Party. Thanks for sharing!

    I have always loved porch swings. I want a BIG front porch with a huge swing (maybe a bed swing) so that I can lounge and watch the street. Step 1 – sell house 1000+ miles away, Step 2 – find a house to buy with that kind of porch, Step 3 – Buy/set up swing. I think I have some work to do. lol

  11. I like them all. The pottery barn one is fave…. but would take any. I don’t have a large enough porch or covered space….Maybe I will ask for a portico and hanging bed for Christmas….. home made by hubby…

  12. That first one is AMAZING!!! And those would really be so easy to build! Hmmmmm … my husband is going to be so mad at me, lol.

  13. I love the Pottery Barn bed because of the red, white & blue pillows – I confess that is why I ripped that photo out of my catalog and pasted it into my inspiration journal.

    Truly, I don’t care what color the bed is – I just love the idea of a hanging bed. I’ve never been comfortable in hammocks and porch swings have never felt spacious enough to stretch out on without being worried about rolling off. Hanging beds are the perfect solution!
    I just need to convince my DH that we need one on the back patio.

  14. How fun! I remember seeing a hanging porch bed in a magazine years ago and loved the idea!

    My favorite is the second one.

  15. I’m in love with the first picture (from Coastal Living). I always thought I wanted a porch swing but now I want one of these instead. Thanks for inspiring me.

  16. I love the first one. The funny thing is that I have been wanting a porch swing forever and in fact today I was looking at Lowe’s magazine trying to imagine how I could get my husband to put one up in the back. He’s so cheap though. He thinks that $50 is too much to pay for a bench attached to chains and furthermore he thinks he can make his own for less (I doubt it). Problem is that he claims he can a new entertainment center, shelves, table, chairs, cabinets, and the list goes on. I’ll never get any new furniture at the rate he’s going.

  17. Well, Amy, you’re my new “Ripley” (Sigourney Weaver’s role in “Alien”). Girl, to take on copperheads the way you do is awesome! We’ve had them in the basement, on the driveway, etc… and I didn’t get crazy with it til I had a child. And honestly, now that I’ve seen that he won’t try to pick one up and has respect for what it can do, I think I’m going to be better with it. But I’ve had two cats bitten by them (somehow, the venom isn’t as strong in them as it is in humans, but it still causes necrosis),and a friend’s child had a REALLY hard time after being bitten, so I’m very, very “respectful” (yes, you can read that as paranoid, fearful, and crazy). The neighbor who shot the one in the ivy isn’t real city-fied… he loves to hunt and has a pretty darn good twang. His gun just seemed to work better than the shovel and bowsaw that we tried at first. lol… now I know who to come to with copperhead advice! You rock!

  18. No pink allowed here, so either the first, third, or last ones. And any of those would do! I’ve never seen them before… a porch bed looks like the perfect touch for our porch! Love it…

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