My favorite room of the house is definitely our media room. We have lived in our home for 8 years and never did anything with this room. So for Christmas, we bought ourselves a big plasma TV! Well, of course I couldn’t just have it sit on the floor, I had to get this room in shape.

Here is what it looked like before.

I had a VERY limited budget. So instead of getting the $5,000 leather sectional that I really wanted. I settled on this $500 micro fiber floor sample. It’s not the sleekest thing, but man is it comfy!!! There are also two recliners… a big hit with friends.

Style: I wanted something cozy and a little more modern. My usual style is traditional, but I think this is just “media room on a budget” style:-)

Favorite Items: I love the chocolate brown walls and the Ikea bar table. The top is white. I think the white and yellow accents make this room a little more hip than my usual style.

This is truly a lived in room. A favorite place to entertain and the kids love to eat at the bar table. That light hanging over the table cost $7! I love Ikea!!

I’m ready for American Idol to start back up so we can have family pizza night again! It’s funny, when we have friends over for a movie, we tell the kids that it’s scary and they have to stay in the playroom. Works most of the time! ha.

I hung my favorite movie couples on the wall. Sandy & Danny from Grease, Maverick and the blonde chick from Top Gun, along with Adrian and Rocky (my husband’s favorite!).

One of these days I’ll get a rug and add more shelves around the TV for storage. Yeah, my husband will be so thrilled to put more cheap furniture together:-)

So there you go… my favorite room. What’s your favorite room?

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  1. Amazing transformation! It is beautiful! Have you tried the rug in the before photos in your new room? It might work, at least until you find something else. Just a thought. Have a good day.

  2. Fabulous!! Thanks for joining in…especially because you are a fabulous inspiration with your design creativity!! you were able to make an incredible room on a budget!! We have our popcorn ready with our big diet cokes…what’s the movie tonite?!!!!
    kari & kijsa

  3. I love it! I’m so glad you painted the ceiling, too. I can’t wait to have a house that doesn’t have “popcorn” ceilings!

    p.s. I get told on occasion that I look like “the blonde chick” (Kelly McGillis) from Top Gun. Strange-o.

  4. Your media room looks so warm and cozy Amy. I’ll bet everyone and their brother loves hanging out in there!

    My favorite part is the B&W pics on the wall though. They look stunning against the chocolate walls.

    Love it!

    Angie in OH

  5. Wow. The before and after photos are stunning. You did a great job in the transformation of your media room.

    I also clicked on your other links, and I love the idea of a round dining room table. A friend of mine just purchased one that has these special extensions that, still keeping the round shape, can go from a table that seats four to one that seats twelve.

    In your office, is that a work table? I love that idea.


  6. Your media room is AWESOME! I want to come over and watch American Idol there, too! Especially for pizza night! This is how (hopefully someday) we can fix up our basement, with a fun family place to gather like this. Kudos to you for getting it done so well! Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out our kitchen transformation.


  7. Hey Amy! Thanks for visiting my blog. Your house is just gorgeous! I am a small town girl myself. I grew up in South Carolina and some of my family is in Tennessee. My husband grew up in San Antonio. We lived in Tennessee for a while, then moved down to Texas. Neither one of us wanted to move into San Antonio, so we moved just north of the city. When we moved here, it really was small. Now everyone in San Antonio had our idea and they are moving into our area. Our youngest graduates in a couple of years and afterwards we are going to move someplace that’s not so busy. Come back and visit my blog whenever you can!

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