Welcome to day 3 of my home tour! You saw my spruced up porch, dinning and living rooms, and now I’ll show you my kids’ rooms!

This is my five year old son’s room. He loves his lodge. I chose this theme for his baby room because I wanted something different and I still love it five years later.


Now for my daughter’s room. I am so happy I had her… I needed a girl!!!

This room is a mix of Pottery Barn, my hand sewn items and antique kid furniture.

My aunt made that cross stitched Peter Rabbit quilt.

She got stuck with her brother’s dark brown crib. Those are my baby dresses hanging in the background.

Here are a few items I made. I got this lamp half off at Hobby Lobby, painted it, then added the ruffle and pom poms. A very easy fix up for a $10 lamp!

Next summer, I’ll work on her big girl room. I can’t wait!

Thanks for taking the tour!

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  1. Love the baby room! I’m a baby room fanatic (even though I was only able to decorate for 2 out of the 5 kids)!!

    Such a cute lamp and framed art. I just love it!!!
    You ARE very creative and have great ideas!

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  3. I love both rooms! It’s refreshing to see your son’s room in a theme that I don’t see very often. I’m such a girly-girl, I’d still like to have a room like your daughter’s even today!


  4. adorable! I have a 4 mo old son but since we haven’t moved into the new house he doesn’t have a decorated room and, well, we co-sleep so it’s just as well.. .his room right now is a storage for all his stuff.. hehe..
    i’ll have fun decorating in a month or 2. 😀

  5. Your son’s lodge room is so fun! Mine would’ve loved that when he was little (now he’s angling for black walls and glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling…). Your daughter’s room is so sweet. Aren’t girls fun? -Julia 🙂

  6. I love both of their rooms Amy…you’ve done a beautiful job! My oldest son also has an outdoor/lodge decorating theme to his room. He just turned 10 though and wants to go with another theme now. What can ya do? 🙂

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