Enjoy these fun free printable Lego Bunny bookmarks for your kid’s Easter baskets.

Free Printable Lego Easter Bookmark by LivingLocurto.com

Lego Bunny Free Printable Bookmarks

I got a little silly with some of my Lego photos. Here is something fun for those Easter baskets!

Enjoy these fun free printable bookmarks for your kids at Easter. I think they will get a good giggle out of them!

Download the Silly Bunny Bookmarks


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  1. Thank you! This is perfect for my son’s class. They will enjoy these fun and festive bookmarks for sure!

  2. I think these are sooo cute. I waited until today to print them for my sons Easter basket and I am getting a file error and it won’t download. can this be emailed directly?

  3. I love these and know my 2 boys would too. I have tried to download it the last few days and I too keep getting an error. Is it possible to get it mailed to me? Thanks so much!

  4. I love these so much, so would my little man. I tried to download the file and it gave me an error. It seems that this is the only one that givea me the error. If you could email it to me, also, that would be great. Thanks!

  5. I love these! Unfortunately my computer is saying file damaged and I can’t download them? Anyone else having difficultly? Can you email them direclty to my email? I LOVE em! I bought your Lego printables for my sons party and LOVED those also!

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