Are you looking for the BEST gift to give this holiday? Look no further, I’ve found it and so excited to share all about this amazing computer. Even though it’s for my teenage daughter, I also want one for myself! 

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Best Holiday Gift for Teens

Deciding on gifts for my two teenagers each holiday season gets tougher and tougher.

There are so many things on our kid’s wish list, but as parents, we want to get them something useful as well as something they will be excited about on Christmas morning.

When it comes to gift-giving, it doesn’t matter how it’s wrapped or how much money you spend. For the best presents, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. 

That’s why Chromebooks with Intel® Core™ processors inside are the must-have gift of the holiday season! 

Best Holiday Gift for Teens - Chromebook Review - Christmas Gift for kids

Chromebook is a computer with thousands of apps, built-in virus protection, and cloud backups. It is secure, fast, up-to-date, versatile and simple.

Get Them A Gift You’ll Both Love

Christmas came early this year! We just got a Chromebook Intel®, connected with Core™ and m3 14” Laptop from Walmart for my daughter. Let me just tell you, she was SO EXCITED to get this gift!

Best Holiday Gift for Teens - Chromebook Review - Christmas Gift for kids


What we love about the Chromebook

My daughter loves that her new Chromebook laptop is lightweight (only 2.8lbs), has a light-up keyboard and that’s it’s super speedy! Powered by Intel® Core™ processors this Chromebook has a fast performance. 

Chromebook Review - Christmas Gift for kids

I love that a Chromebook is something she will use everyday for school and an affordable laptop. You can’t beat Walmart’s everyday low prices! At $329 from, this computer is definitely one of my favorite gifts to give this season!

Teens can be super picky, and I’m never sure mine will like what I pick out, but no doubt this is a winning gift for parents! My daughter got right to work setting up her Chromebook. It was super easy for her to do herself. 

Chromebook Review by Amy Locurto - Christmas Gift for kids

Of course, after opening her gift, we couldn’t wait to watch our favorite Christmas movies. Talk about cozy, it might have been a while before we got off the couch! 

Best Christmas Gift for Teens - Chromebook review by Amy Locurto

This laptop battery lasts for up to 8 hours, plus it’s got 4x faster web browsing, 8x faster document loading, and 2x faster uploading of videos. Nobody likes waiting for things to load, so I’m happy this computer delivers the processing power that we both love!

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift for yourself or kids, this is it! 

–> Click Here to get the details about the laptop we got. 

Best Christmas Gift for Teens - Chromebook


Fun Facts About The Chromebook

  • Built for speed and simplicity: Starts in seconds and stays fast throughout the day. 
  • More up-time between charges: With up to 8 hours of battery life, you can surf, work, or play from anywhere.  
  • Security from the start: Automatic updates and backups offer protection and peace-of-mind 
  • Do more with apps: Entertainment or productivity, all your favorite apps are available in the Google Play store. 
  • Designed with you in mind: Hardware from premium manufacturers with innovative and sleek designs. 
  • Set digital ground rules with Family Link: Parents can manage their family’s apps and websites, set screen time limits, and even remotely lock devices. 

My daughter has already signed into the Pinterest app with her new laptop and I can’t wait to get her started working for me! She is actually excited for her new job now. Now that makes getting this gift even better! 

Best Christmas Gift for Teens - Chromebook

I highly recommend the Chromebook Intel®, connected with Core™ and m3 14” Laptop. If you plan to buy one for a teenage girl, make sure to get some reusable computer stickers too. That’s the first thing my daughter wanted to get for her new Chromebook!

Have a very Merry Christmas. I hope this helped you get some inspiration for gift ideas this season. Be sure to get all of the details about this laptop over on

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  1. Hi Charlotte, I’m working on another gift guide – Gifts for teens under $20! Check back soon. This Chromebook is a great gift that they could definitely share.

  2. I am a grandmother. I have 15 kids to buy for and 5 of them are teenagers. That would be an amazing present for all of them, if I could afford that many. I was hoping for more gifts for teenagers not just 1.

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