Owl S’mores – Fun Food Recipe Idea

Owl S'mores Recipe by LivingLocurto.com

I am a BIG owl lover! Recently I designed a fun outdoor Owl Party Printable Collection and came up with these cute Owl S’mores for party treats. One of my most favorite creations yet!

Owl S'mores Recipe by Amy Locurto at LivingLocurto.com - Such an Easy Fun Food Idea!

Serve these easy s’mores for a fall party, Halloween or enjoy as an after school snack. Kids love them and they make adorable party favors too.

What I love about these Owl S’mores is you can make one or make a bunch and they still have such a cute factor. Such a fun food idea!

I am so thrilled to see these pop up all over the internet after coming up with idea. I even wrote a post featuring all of the adorable Owl S’mores in internet land!

Halloween Owl S'mores Recipe by Amy Locurto at LivingLocurto.com | Fun Food Idea

How to Make Owl S’mores


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Yellow Wilton Candy MeltsBrachs Candy CornChocolate ChipsGraham CrackersMarshamallows


  1. Cut one marshmallow in half and place both pieces on a large graham cracker (2 stuck together).
  2. Put a candy melt on top of the marshmallows.
  3. Heat in the microwave for about 2-5 seconds, just enough to make the marshmallows puff up, but not get too hot. (Time depends on your microwave – make sure to do a few test runs.)
  4. Take out of microwave and add a chocolate chip on the yellow candy melt and the candy corn beak while the marshmallows and candy are still warm. Everything should stick together nicely.
  5. Let cool and serve! You can make these the night before a party and everything is still very tasty.

Prep time: 10 minutes

Look at how cute these Owl S’mores turned out at my Owl Birthday Party!

Owl S'mores Recipe by Amy Locurto at LivingLocurto.com - Such an Easy Fun Food Idea!

Planning a fall party and love these owl designs? Visit my shop for fun party printable collections.


Have you made this treat?

I would love to see your fun food photos. Please share photos of your Owl S’mores to my Facebook Page or tag me on Instagram!


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  1. Could these be baked instead of microwaved? I wonder if that would help with the candy melting and the marshmallows not getting puffy as fast.

  2. I cut the marshmallows into thirds (dipping your knife into flour before each cut helps stop sticking) Put the sticky side up so the yellow wafer will stick to it and not shift when you nuke it. Put the yellow wafer flat side up so the choc chip will not slide. I put the choc chip on right away and nuked them individually on a plate at med heat (level 5 on my microwave) for 15 seconds. The marshmallows puff up but not ridiculously. When you take it out, push down on the choc chip a bit so it will stick into the yellow wafer. Remember, the yellow wafer will keep melting after you take it out so you can push it down a bit for the next couple of minutes while the yellow wafer is still warm.
    And keep your hands off the melted marshmallow or you end up with a big mess because it sticks to your hands.

  3. cute, but time is NOT correct…9 sec for the marshmallows then I did the candy melts with a choc chip on top of it for 40 sec then topped the warm marshmallow.

  4. Melissa says:

    I know you asked a while back, but in case you haven’t found out. . . They are little circle candies that melt very easily. I think it could be white chocolate and it comes in lots of colors. They’re great for making candies. You can buy them at any craft store (Joann, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc). They also sell them at my local Walmart in the craft section.

  5. I am having trouble with the candy melts not melting enough for the choc. chips

    • I had trouble with the candy melts too. I nuked them in the microwave for about 1 minute (6 pieces) then carefully spooned them for the eyes.


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