Bad news

I have been too busy with work to do my usual meal plan this week. We will be eating frozen leftovers, sandwiches and pasta this week!

Good news

I will be done with my projects soon and can devote more time to my blog. Yeah! (Oh and I’m saving money by not buying groceries too:-)

Want to plan your own menu? The Project Girl has a few simple and pretty menu planners that would look great on your fridge!



Visit my Weekly Menu Plan page to find some great recipes and printable grocery lists.


  • FYI- I just added Google Friends on my side bar. It’s just like Blogger’s follow me thingy. Please take a minute to join. I’d love to see your face there! Plus, you can add a link to your own blog and others can find you through my site:-)
  • I’ve also got an article on Creative Bliss right now with my St. Patrick’s Day cards. Would love a visit:-)



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  1. I ADORE your entire blog. Something tells me I’ll be up all night.
    Thanks for the fun!!

  2. Oh these are great, I’ll be linking. I live to meal plan. Once I finally started doing it we completely stopped wasting food, I love it! It’s always so much fun to read other people’s meal plans. I occasionally post mine in my Flickr account as well. So much fun!

  3. Holy Cow girl- love it- I feel like I’m always taking from you and never giving anything in return- great help :}
    Happy day

    teresa’s last blog post..Mr. Mac

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