I love to read, so I was so thrilled to find this book party idea! It was intended for a wedding shower, but you could do this for any type of party. Wedding Style Guide has some nice free downloads to go with this party theme.

The bookmark invitation is so cute! This would be super easy to make yourself for any type of party. Just add a ribbon tassel and instant adorable!

Print these great downloads courtesy of Wedding Style Guide. For personal use only.

Gift label


Ex Libris Gift Label

Ex Libris Label

All photos and downloads by Wedding Stlye Guide

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  1. I made bookplates for my sister-n-law for Christmas. These are way better though. 🙂 I think I’ll download them for myself. There’s something so special about having a bookplate. The book is all mine. Love it!

    Mandi’s last blog post..Scrapblog Service – A+

  2. What a wonderful idea. Wouldn’t be seeing anyone for quite awhile as my nose would be stuck in a book (or many). I love specific parties and thoughtful gifts. I just cringe when it appears the person stopped by the convenience store to grab something for you 5 minutes before the party started, and it’s almost silly to ask for presents, but you could even do this idea as a “swap”- sharing books, sharing wisdom. I’m liking it more and more (as long as I don’t have to host it at my house! 😉

    Leslie’s last blog post..keegan, i am so proud of you

  3. this is such a great idea. have a couple friends who are engaged, but they don’t love books as much as i do…maybe we’ll tweak the idea a bit and just do the party minus the shower concept!

    thanks, as always, for the great ideas!

    Lindsay Barnes’s last blog post..Nearly Wordless Wednesday

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