Creative Crop

I love playing around in Photoshop. So this theme was right up my alley! I can’t wait to see what creative ideas people have in this week’s challenge.

Before Cropping

*** I’m a co-founder of I ? Faces and only entering for fun. Good luck to all who enter!!! ***

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  1. That is just amazing! I did a close crop on a much wider and busier picture, but yours turned out SO clear; it looks like you took a closeup of just the one boy! Big fade-out on the shirt collar color; is that so that the eyes really stand out? I love what you did with the eyes; they are gorgeous! And thank you for cutting off the top of his head! I WILL show this to my husband, cause he’s always giving me grief for head-topping. Sometimes, it just works (unless, like DH, you’re a little OCD!). Thank you for this website and contest. I know it’s growing into a ridiculous amount of work, but I have learned SO much in a few short weeks, all because of I Heart Faces. You rock!

    Pam D’s last blog post..I Heart Faces-Kids-Creative Cropping

  2. That is so fantastic Amy! I am just completely wowed by everybody’s creative crops this week…we are definitely going to have to do this theme again sometime soon. 🙂

    P.S. I’m your very first friend over there in your sidebar. I feel so special – hee!

    theArthurClan’s last blog post..Week 9 – I ? Faces "Creative Crop"

  3. I love this weeks theme. I noticed it made people transform their photos completly. I wouldn’t have even guessed both of these were the same photo if you hadn’t pointed it out. I also noticed the competition is getting more intense. I think cropping really kicked people’s photos up a notch.

    jen’s last blog post..I SPY A HEART

  4. You have a good eye because I would have never seen that “picture within a picture”. I love what you did to his skin tone. Great crop.

    Beth @ Pages of Our Life’s last blog post..I ? Faces 9 "Creative Crop"

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