“Orange” is the photo theme this week at I Heart Faces. I hope you like my photo. I think it’s hilarious!

What you don’t know is that I had to edit mommy’s arm out of the photo. She was a little wobbly and did not like being in that pot without her mom holding her. Gotta love the magic of Photoshop:-)

I’m a co-founder of I Heart Faces and just entering for fun! I hope you’ll enter a photo this week. Enter Monday & Tuesday.

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  1. Super cute! Great job editing out the arm,I would never had known. I was thinking she looked too little to be sitting up when I saw it!

  2. I’m so looking forward to getting my Photoshop in the mail for my birthday! I love all your tips and training. The picture is adorable and you would never know mommy was helping!

  3. Amy, that shot is adorable! And, yes, you’ve got to love photoshop!! I think some people don’t realize what goes into getting the “perfect picture.”

  4. I had made the same picture, when my daughter was 6 months, into a jar but with sunflowers. We had won a contest. First one behind 3000 pictures !

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