I’m so excited that my MOPS (Mother’s of Preschoolers) group starts today! I’ve been missing my girlfriends over the summer. Since we ALL have little ones, it’s so hard to find time for each other or even ourselves for that matter.

Last week, we had our leadership retreat. It was a spa night sponsored by Arbonne with make-overs, hand massages, giveaways, goodie bags and much more! What an awesome night with girlfriends:-) Melody, our hostess, had the most gorgeous home and pampered each one of us. Like the Super Mom shirt I made? 


First we had to wash our faces and put on a mask. That was hilarious, so of course we had to get a silly photo!


Then it was off to get hand massages, foot soaks and a make-up lesson. My two friends, also named Amy, looked so hot after getting their make-overs! I think all Amy’s are just born to be gorgeous right?? hee.


My favorite before and after photos were of Kimberly. She’s a six foot blonde bombshell with an even more beautiful heart. We got a kick out of watching her try to draw on eyebrows! 


Now we get to start our year of sharing and helping women fresh and renewed:-) I’m thankful to have these lovely women as friends. Thanks to Tina, our MOPS coordinator, our host Melody and her helpers for creating such a wonderful night!

What have you done lately with your girlfriends? Is it time for a spa night?


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  1. Any time is good for spa time as far as I am concerned. Love the pictures, Amy! Years ago, when I wanted to give myself a facial and had no fancy mask stuff in, I’d just get an egg and remove the yoke and then spread the whites on my face. Don’t know that it did anything but I sure felt like I was getting a bit of spa treatment.

    Looks like fun was had by all!

  2. Hi – There was no such thing as MOPS when I had preschoolers, but I was really blessed to be a MOPS mentor! What a great opportunity to hang out with other mommies and grow and be refreshed and encouraged.

  3. how awesome! What fun- maybe I should start a group called “Gop” Grammers of preschoolers, since I;m kind of past the mop stage- plus it looks totally fun. =)

  4. Yay!!! This will be my 4th year in MOPS, and I love it. I’m very envious of your spa night. 🙂 The past two years, our Coordinators haven’t bothered to do any extra leadership stuff, and I really miss the retreat. I thought it really helped to bond out group. 🙁

  5. I wish I had girlfriends to have a spa night with! I am in a MOPS group that I enjoy very much, but we are all so spread apart over the Twin Cities that it’s hard to get together on off days. A spa night sure would be fun…maybe I’ll have to organize one after my busy photography season is done.

  6. What a blissful evening — friends and pampering, who could ask for more?!!

    Tomara– I’m with you… been there–doing it!! The joy of military life. 🙂

    I love that shirt too!!!

  7. I MUST have that t-shirt!! Some friends of mine gave me the nickname SuperMom a few years ago. We were 3500 miles away from any family when my hubby deployed to Iraq while my 2nd child was born. Then deployed again while I took care of three kids on my own. Then deployed for a third time when my fourth was born! They couldn’t figure out how I made it to church every Sunday/Wednesday with kids in tow (and still had some sanity!). Did you make the shirt or buy it somewhere???

  8. Aww, I was on steering for our MOPS group last year and have now “graduated”. Enjoy your time with your MOPS mommies, they are fleeting years! What a blessing.

  9. I just played tennis with a girlfriend last night and it was a BLAST!

    And our MOPS group starts today too! I am SO excited – we did a lot of fun things as a leadership team this summer too!

    Have a great first day!

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