Easy no bake Abominable Yeti Donuts inspired by the #1 Original Animated Movie of the Year. 

Abominable Yeti Donuts - Cute Movie Themed Dessert

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Easy Abominable Yeti Donuts

This holiday season, you’ll definitely want to cozy up with Abominable, the #1 Original Animated Movie of the Year! The move is now on Digital, and available on Blu-ray & DVD December 17.

This movie inspired me to make some adorable Abominable Yeti Donuts inspired by the character, Everest. These donuts are super cute and easy for any age to make!

From the studio that brought you How To Train Your Dragon, you can watch Abominable at home and enjoy some delicious yeti donuts! The movie makes the perfect stocking stuffer and comes with over an hour of bonus content, including 2 original shorts.

Abominable Yeti Donuts - Cute Movie Themed Dessert for a party. Living Locurto


About Abominable

After discovering a Yeti on the roof of her apartment building, teenage Yi and her two friends embark on an epic quest to reunite the magical creature with his family.

The movie is full of adventure and teaches us that a little positivity can go a long way. A message that resonates with everyone from kids to adults. Check out the trailer below!


How to Make Abominable Yeti Donuts

There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a blanket and watching a movie with your family… or cat in our case!

Abominable Yeti Donuts - Living Locurto family movie night

After watching this uplifting film, my daughter was ready to test out my yeti donut idea inspired by the character Everest. I think the donuts turned out so cute and I’m excited to show you how we made them!

Abominable Yeti Donuts - No bake dessert. Living Locurto

First of all, I think these donuts would be perfect for a holiday themed party, birthday or fun food craft to make with the kids during your holiday break. 

Abominable Yeti Donuts - No bake dessert easy movie themed treat.


What You’ll Need to Make Abominable Yeti Donuts

All you need are cake donuts, white frosting, a frosting tip, piping bag and my Abominable free printables with Everest the yeti’s face sized perfectly for most donuts. (see the link below to print)

How to make Abominable Yeti Donuts

A few tips for making Yeti donuts:

  1. I used the Wilton Grass Piping Tip to make extra fuzzy yeti fur like the character from the movie, but whatever piping tip you have will work just fine.
  2. If using store bought frosting, add the can to the refrigerator the day before you make your donuts. This way the frosting will be firmer and easier to make the yeti fur.

How to make Abominable Yeti Donuts - Frosting


Step 1

Download and print the Free Printable Abominable Donut page. Laminate the page, then trim the yeti faces with scissors. Print Download Printables by Amy Locurto LivingLocurto.com

Prefer edible faces?  If you have an edible printer, please use it for these donuts. Find one here on Amazon here.

I don’t have my own laminator, so went to my local FedEx Office to laminate my page. If you don’t laminate the paper, the frosting will slowly seep into the paper.

Step 2

Remove frosting from refrigerator, open and stir. Add the frosting tip to your piping bag and fill with white frosting. 

Tip: Place your piping bag into a tall glass and pull the end of the bag over the rim of the glass. This makes it much easier to add frosting into the bag and way less mess.


Step 3

Place your donuts on a baking sheet. Add some frosting in the middle of the donut around the hole and stick the laminated yeti face to the donut.

Abominable Yeti Donuts - Step 1


Step 4

Begin to add the yeti fur to your donut with white frosting. Use the photos of the yeti on the printable page as a reference on how to pipe the frosting onto the donut. Do as many layers of frosting as you like.

Abominable Yeti Donuts - Cute movie treat

Once you have finished decorating your donuts, eat immediately or place in the refrigerator until ready to serve. 

Important: If you don’t have an edible printer, make sure to let your guests know that the yeti face is NOT edible and to remove before eating the donut.

Abominable Yeti Donuts - Cute fun food dessert idea!

I hope you enjoy a cozy movie night at home with Abominable and these adorable donuts with your family this season!

Get Abominable now on Digital, and Blu-ray & DVD Dec 17. Plus, fans can find the cute Abominable T-shirt featured in this post at TeaCollection.com. The brand designed a limited-edition line of clothing in partnership with the film.


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