M&M Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

I love to bake, but since I have a small family, I usually end up eating most everything myself. So that means, time to have a party so others can gain weight with me! ha! So tonight I’m having a casual, last-minute party to celebrate Christmas.

Along with cute printable decor, I’ll also be serving up some of my favorite appetizers, desserts and drinks. I thought I would share some of the easy recipes that I’ll be serving tonight to help you with your party planning.

antipasto recipe

Guests will love this Anipasto Bake recipe that I got from my sister-in-law from Boston.


Baked Brie Recipe

Can I just say easiest and fanciest looking appetizer ever… Baked Brie.


Five Minute Fudge Wreath Recipe

As for the easiest dessert, I’m making Tidy Mom’s fudge wreath. I used gummy fruit as garnish. I’ve used M&M’s in the past as well.


M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies

Last night I added some Christmas colored M & M’s to my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe for a festive and easy treat that everyone will enjoy.


Pecan Chocolate Bars

Pecan Chocolate Bars are another all time favorite sweet treat that I can’t stop eating!


Beer Cheese Dip Recipe

Tidy Mom’s Beer Cheese Dip recipe looks delicious and is on my list to make today as well.


I hope you are able to spend some time with friends and family to enjoy the season!

Have a very Merry Christmas friends!

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  1. Your Tidy Mom’s fudge wreath is incredibly creative and absolutely brilliant! Just what I needed since I am regrettably a last minute person. Thank you for rescuing me with this perfect solution.

    Thank you for this and on behalf of everyone here who appreciates your blog a holiday toast to you and your family…

    May you be granted your every Christmas wish
    May you be blessed with a magic good luck kiss
    May your most exquisite joys of today be far surpassed by the joys of tomorrow.
    May the hand of life you’re dealt, hold no cards of sorrow.
    May you be graced with an ever flowing river of good cheer
    May you help spread the Christmas spirit far and near.


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