I can’t believe it’s Thanksgiving already!! I will be making a few pies. Yes… I’m going to make homemade pies! Yikes. One being my Great-Grandma Chunkie’s Chocolate Pie. Grandma Chunkie (real name Lilly Maybell) was a little spitfire. She had purplish pink (sometimes blue!) hair and always made you laugh. She also made THE best pies! Usually for our Thanksgiving dinners, we would have about 3 pumpkin pies along with banana, lemon and chocolate. She always made me my own mini chocolate pie. A tradition, I want to start with my kids.

For all you chocoholics, this pie is a must! Here’s the recipe that she wrote on a small piece of paper:

Grandma Chunkie’s Easy to Make Rich & Creamy Chocolate Pie

• One large Hershey Candy Bar (milk chocolate) 8 oz (now I get 2 large chocolate bars)

• 18 large marshmallows cut up

• 1/2 cup sweet milk (I don’t know what that meant… so I just use regular milk)

• 18 oz. Cool Whip

• Melt Candy bar and marshmallows in milk over low fire until smooth. Cool.

• Add 1-9 oz Cool Whip into chocolate mixture

• Pour into baked pie shell and keep cool until ready to serve.

Don’t forget to spoon a large helping of Cool Whip on your slice of pie! (I like to add chocolate sprinkles too)


Here is my attempt at making cute Thanksgiving Cookies .

I forgot to get malt balls! But, I think they turned out cute enough. My daughter didn’t seem to mind. She gobbled them up!


My son came home from school with the cutest book. Each kid wrote how they thought you cooked a turkey, then the teacher bound them together to make this book.

This is what my son said…

The left side is me shopping at Target for the turkey, middle is the turkey in the oven, right side is him and his dad eating the turkey. So no love for me and baby sister?? Only the boys get to eat I guess:-)

I laughed out loud at what this kid wrote…

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! After taking a turkey nap, my mom is going to help me organize my closets, cabinets and office.

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  1. I love the little one’s pictures.
    Yummy! A delicious pie that would be welcome at any dinner table.
    Now, I’m off to enjoy visiting other “Love the Pie” blog participants.

  2. That is just about the funniest, cutest thing I’ve ever seen! My sister is studying to be a teacher, I have to tell her about this!!! So cute! Happy Thanksgiving…

    Laurie’s last blog post..

  3. Grandma Chunkie…too funny! I swear it should be the name of something, it’s just too fun to say!!!

    Love that book, kids are so funny…my Robert, who is 4, had to write what he is thankful for at school…Juice Boxes! lol It’s kind of funny because every day when I pick him up that is the first thing he asks for!

    Cute cookies and cute little girl chowing down on them, so sweet!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Amy!!!


    Bella Casa’s last blog post..Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

  4. Chocolate cream pie is one of my favorite desserts ever…this sounds so tempting and yummy!

    My kids and I were laughing over the boy who wrote “I DON’T EVEN LIKE TURKEY!” His teacher must have thought that was a real hoot.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

    The Arthur Clan’s last blog post..A "Photography Drive".

  5. Here in the south, whole milk is often called sweet milk as opposed to buttermilk which is a common ingredient in southern dishes. So, yes you were right sweet milk is “regular” milk. 🙂

    I’ll bet the pie is fabulous. The cookies looked so cute! My kids would love them and they’d be fun to make!

    I loved that he doesn’t want turkey, he wants hamburgers! *LOL* Too funny.

    Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the EC ad.

    CrAzY Working Mom’s last blog post..For Sale!

  6. Your grandma’s pie sounds good to me! Chocolate pie’s my favorite.

    Well, Lily LOVES your turkey cookies. She sat here and studied it, noting all the components, and started listing the ingredients I need to get so she can make them.

    Got such a kick out of your chocolate-covered daughter (you know you enjoyed it WHEN) and your son’s book!

    We’re off to Indiana in the morning. Have a great Thanksgiving, Amy!! 🙂

    Julia @ Hooked on Houses’s last blog post..Cottage Living: Another Shelter Mag Closes Its Doors

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