“Fall” is the My Story theme this week at I Heart Faces. We are taking the week off from our usual photo contest to get ready for our upcoming workshop in Dallas! We want you to link up a fall photo and tell a story to go along with it.

Since we are barley seeing fall weather in Dallas, my photo was taken of me and my son about 3-4 years ago in Boston. I chose this photo because it reminds me of a time I was extra brave and colored my hair dark brown! Nobody recognized me. I got to sneak up on people. Now that was fun!

This was also before all of my blogging began. I remember feeling happy, but like something was missing. Now I know it was all of my like minded friends who I have met through the blog world. Many of whom I will get to see this week for the I Heart Faces Photography Workshop. I’m so thankful for what I have now. If I hadn’t jumped into this blog thing head first, I would have never have met all of you either!

I encourage you try something different. Whether that means coloring your hair or joining a new group where you might meet friends you could never imagine living without.

Being brave is a good thing.

Now come tell your story with a photo! Enter all week long.

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