Ever have one of those crazy Mondays? Well, this week I did!!

My 4 year old daughter wanted to cut. I said sure and printed a preschool activity to practice cutting. She was excited to cut out a kitty world!

When Play Time Goes Bad and You End Up With a Mullet

Minutes later I guess there was nothing left to cut… but her hair.

When Play Time Goes Bad and You End Up With a Mullet. Parenting article about kids cutting hair. LivingLocurto.com

She cut her long, gorgeous curly hair.

Clear up to her chin and around behind her ears.

Which she then stuffed in the pocket of her brother’s chair so I wouldn’t find it.

I found it.

When Play Time Goes Bad and You End Up With a Mullet. Parenting article about kids cutting hair.

She is supposed to be a model at the I Heart Faces Photography Workshop next weekend.

My little girl now has a mullet. “All business in the front and a party in the back!” I love the 80’s but that’s the one thing I could do without making a comeback.

Luckily her hair is curly and thick, so the mullet seems to blend in pretty well. Enough that nobody notices it right away. I wanted it long for the photo shoot so my hair stylist said to wait until afterwards to cut it. He thinks it will grow back curly again too. Whew!

We’ll pretend she has normal hair by pulling the front half back.

For now, I hid ALL of the scissors!!

Yesterday she took something sharp and scratched up the wood on my fancy coffee table.

Does anyone have a leash I can borrow?!

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  1. I just went thru this the 7 days before our Christmas card picture was to be taken – one side is a pixie style – straight across the ear – the top of the ear – and the other sideis more of a joan jet look. i feel your pain!

  2. LOL, my daughter did the same thing. Even hid it like your daughter did…as if we wouldn’t notice, huh:) Girls…the things they do!

  3. Boy oh boy, I remember this vividly with both of my girls, and not only once!! I still gasp whenever I see a little girl who has obviously cut her own hair.
    I think as moms, this is definitely one of the trials we each has to face, at least once! 🙂
    Sorry Amy…I feel your pain!

  4. Ok… I must admit, the title alone had me laughing out loud and I just about woke my husband up. hahaha!!

    I can imagine how you must feel though. I remember when my daughter did the exact same thing. But it was her bangs… clear to the scalp. And her hair grows S L O W. Not good. haha!

  5. Is the cat printable one of yours? It looks like your daughter did a great job practicing her cutting on the paper before she took it to her hair.

  6. Oh no, it’s inevitable, isn’t it? 😀 I remember cutting my eyelashes as a kid too, just one side. No one ever said anything to me about it. Surely they noticed? I don’t think I ever cut my hair, but my cousin DID. Trying to get out the piece of gum that HE put in there!! LOL

  7. Out daughter did the SAME thing while watching tinkerbell. Down the cut pants and shirt all the way to a 1/2 cut pixie hairstyle. 1/2 because “my hands got tired”…. The beauty shop finished it for her… All her gorgeous beautiful blond curly hair. :-(. Sadly, it grew back straight- and brown. (???) But straight and brown, it is still beautiful. :-). Oh! By the way… I want to see more of that cute mural on your wall!!!! Good luck at the photoshoot!

  8. I am wondering where you got your wall stickers? Or is it paint? The rolling hills are perfect for my playroom. Please email me and let me know.

  9. @Elizabeth,

    Oh my goodness! I didn’t throw up, but was in total shock when I saw what she did!!! I’m so making that shirt. Thanks… you just gave me the idea for my next free download. Ha!

  10. A friend of mine that follows your blog sent this link to me. 4 years ago my 3 year old daughter cut 10 inches of her beautful blond curly hair from her head. She also hid it. When she walked in the room, I got really dizzy and almost fainted. I scream, “She has a mullet!” I got so upset that I threw up…probably not the most mature thing to do as a mother. 🙂 We had to have it all cut to about 2 inches all over and I made her a shirt that said. “I cut my hair myself!” for her to wear in response to all the gasps we received over the next few days. We survived, but I still get weak in the knees when I think about it!

  11. Oh, goodness…their timing is impeccable, isn’t it? lol. I played barbershop with my brother as kids. Thankfully, our mom caught us before it was my turn to be the victim (I mean, client). My own children have never been hair cutters, but my youngest has a little vandal’s streak in him, having carved his name in both the bathroom wall AND the kitchen table!

  12. Oh my gosh! When I saw those beautiful curls sitting there I just about cried! Knock on wood, neither of my kids have done this, but I am definitely hiding any and all scissors until after Christmas pictures! Sorry for your loss, but can’t wait to see the photos.

  13. OOOH,The Scissor’s Menace,I’m 66 yr.ole granna ma,can’t tell you how many times I have seen this.lol,have granson couple weeks ago did same ,twice he’s done it.And the times they do it it’s all ways something special coming up.ha,ha, Take pictures hon all you can do & when they get older something to laugh about..You talented do something with that pretty hair.. Good Luck Dear,Cookie17

  14. Well ladies, I’m sorry (not 🙂 to say that I can’t relate. Although my now 7-year-old daughter has a pretty strong personality (stubborn! independent!), she was (is) good at listening. She never wrote on walls (after all, her great-grandaunt’s family bible is considered paper, right :-), never pulled all clothes out of the drawers, never got into my makeup bag and certainly never cut her beautiful long hair. Although Ginny’s message above now has me a little nervous – 9 y.o… Time to have another talk…

  15. Oh how funny and horrible at the same time! She sounds just like my daughter at that age. Maggie not only has cut her hair, she also spray painted our car, dumped a whole bag of flour all over the kitchen and living room “making biscuits like Daddy”, and many other crazy adventures. It was such a chore to keep her busy and occupied, but she is a wonderful, creative little girl and makes every day fun! Have a ball with your little one and have a great day!

  16. You kinda-sorta forgot to give us a photo of the hair cut. Leaving it to our imagination .. aint good. One of the stories she will hate to hear when she is older .. that’s how Mommas get even with the children that make them insane.. TFS

  17. My daughter did this exact thing last year the day after halloween. My husband said the way I cried he thought she had cut off her finger. She only left about 1/2 inch of her hair on the top of her head. A year later we are finally looking normal again. She still tells me she wants to be a hairstylist and I keep reminding her that hair stylist go to school to learn to cut hair.

  18. oh gosh! why do they all do that! One of mine also gave herself a mullet last summer and it was pretty bad!! It is still growing back. I was sooo mad!! I guess she learned the lesson because it has taken for ever for her hair to grow back.

  19. SOOOOO sorry. 🙁
    my twins did the same thing a few weeks ago. One gave herself bangs (!!!) and then turned to her sister to chop-chop on her hair too. The damage wasn’t terrible but our scissors are put up high.

  20. My daughter cut huge sections of her hair that stuck out of a crazy updo she did for herself using multiple ribbons and a hairband….a few days before class photos in kindergarten.

    A funnier story my MIL tells how my husband “washed” his little sisters eyebrows with Nair when they were little!! LOL No one knows for sure if he knew what he was doing or not 🙂

  21. Weeeellll, I certainly have eyelashes, but my mom always says, “You had such long beautiful eyelashes!” in this mournful voice, so they must have been way better when I was little. 🙂

  22. My mouth fell open when I saw the picture of the hair! My 3-year-old hasn’t done this yet, but I’m sure it’s coming. When I was little I cut off all my eyelashes and my mom STILL brings it up!

  23. Both of my daughters did that at various times. My oldest did cut off her bangs at age 4 at daycare. The daycare couldn’t understand why I was mad. They said, all kids do it. I was like, yeah at home I might not always be watching my daughter (she had did it at home in the bathroom about a year before as well), but I’m PAYING you to ALWAYS watch her.

    My youngest, cut off a bunch of her long blond hair less then a year ago. She was ALMOST 9. I was so mad, she still has all of these goofy short pieces that stick out of her pigtails, ponytails, etc. She cut out a tangle so I wouldn’t “hurt her” while brushing out. She loves her hair, so if I even mention cutting it to fix it, she almost throws up.

    I’m glad you can at least hide the hair for the photo shoot. I love how she hid the hair so you wouldn’t know. Isn’t it funny how kids think. You sometimes wish you could hear their thoughts when they do stuff like that.

  24. Wow Amy!
    I had Amelia (my now 6 year old) do that the day before Kindergarten last year. She cut herself “some bangs” and all I heard her yell down the stairs to the garage was “Mommy, I’m cut!” so I ran out of the laundry room to the stairs and saw her holding scissors in one hand and a clump of hair in the other with a HUGE SMILE! I started to lightly cry! Ha ha! I was so mad, upset and thought it funny all at the same time. Well, she went to school the next day with a headband to hide it then the second day our hair stylist/best friend cut it up just below the chin (she had taken the bangs past the ear on one side..reason for the “bob”). It will get better..I laugh on it (now)! Her hair is now back to her shoulder and she’s happy again! ~Happy Halloween to you and yours! ~Margaret Norcott

  25. Oh my! I am sure you will make it look cute, but I agree…document everything! That way you will have proof to show her one day 🙂 My son did that when he was 3 and we had to shave his head (he got into some gum, then put it in his hair, thought he would get in trouble and decided to cut it out to hide the evidence)…we laugh about that to this day.

  26. Just do a nice photo book with all of these great pics. You’re so crafty and clever and talented that you can make it really, really cute. And when she is all grown up and has a creatively challenging little one of her own, she can look through her special book and remember that payback is… well, not so swell. !! I really am amazed at the amount of hair she was able to cut. Very industrious. gah. I know she’ll rock the IHF shoot; I can’t wait to see everyone’s pics. Did you read Becky Leatherman’s post on motherhood? If not,you need to. It sounds as if ceiling fans and rollerblades might need to be hidden in your house, too.

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