I Heart Faces "Wind" Photo Challenge. Photo by Amy Locurto LivingLocurto.com

I am co-founder of I Heart Faces, a fun website with monthly photo challenges and free photography tutorials. I do a lot of behind the scenes work and often get too busy to participate in everything we do.

Now that it’s spring time, my taxes are almost done and I feel like my life is not as crazy, I’m happy to wipe the dust off of my camera and participate in more photo challenges! I hope to inspire you to take more photos of your family doing everyday things as well.

This image is of my daughter doing nothing special, but the wind caught her hair and I thought it was so pretty! I like taking photos while my kids aren’t watching me. After a while, each posed photo looks the same with their “fake smile”. I was happy to capture this sweet whimsical photo.

As much as I love crafts, graphic design and parties, it’s nice try out my artistic skills in another art form such as photography.

When was the last time YOU got out your camera and took photos of your kids just for fun?


Join us this week at I Heart Faces for the “Wind” Photo Challenge April 9-13, 2013.

I Heart Faces - Photo Challenges & Free Photography Tutorials

We also have a “Letter P” Challenge going on Facebook and Instagram. Just tag us on Facebook or use the hashtag #IHeartFaces on Instagram for us to find your “P” photos.

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  1. Sweet, fun shot! My little ones are my favorite subjects, and are too little to really “pose”, so the ones where my camera is invisible to them are always the best shots!

  2. It’s not letting me go to Iheartfaces =[ I love your blog and most definitely need help in the photography department for my small home based business as soon as it lets me I’m signing up 😉 THANK YOU AMY for sharing all your wonderful creative ideas it is truly appreciated *^_^*

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