Marriage... Sometimes it Stinks! A funny story by Amy at

Marriage can be wonderful at times, then well… it can stink sometimes. I’ve been figuring out my taxes and trying to clean my house while I had no internet. I’m finally back online today! THANK GOODNESS! So for kicks, I felt like writing about something more personal and a bit of fun.

My husband rarely reads my blog because it’s about crafts, recipes and parties which he is NOT interested in at all. So I think I’m safe bringing up some stinky parts of our marriage with you and see if you can relate. (Don’t worry… it’s all in fun!)

I was cleaning out my closet last week and found this blanket. It was hidden. I had forgotten all about it. There is a reason for this that I will share in today’s post.

I hope to hear your thoughts on this topic in the comments section. Plus, I have fun assignment for you ladies out there at the bottom of this post!!

Marriage... Sometimes it Stinks! Living Locurto

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A long time ago on my blog, way back before Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest, I used to ask my blog friends to share things about their lives. We would write fun things on our blogs and link to them in our comment sections. It was a neat way to get to know each other while blogging.

After finding this blanket hidden in my closet, I was reminded of the time I asked readers if their husband owned something that they could not part with or really did stink. I wrote about this blanket, which we call Stinky Binky.

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Stinky Binky was my husband’s comforter he used way before I knew him. Of all the things to be attached to, this is what he loves! Or used to love until it was buried under my junk in the closet. Which I finally cleaned out… YAY for me!!

Why did we call it Stinky Binky? Hmmm….. I will just say he slept wrapped up in that thing every night and as much as I washed it, I just couldn’t seem to get the stink out. LOL! I have a son too and don’t understand how boys get so stinky?

Marriage... Sometimes it Stinks! Living Locurto

I love this very old photo of my daughter with Daddy’s blankie. Whoooo… Shewy!!! 

Was it wrong of me NOT to tell my husband that I found his “precious” blanket in my closet? I’m sure I will get busted and he will read this post or see it sooner or later now that the closet is so clean. I guess there are worse things he could be attached to right?

I really can’t say much, since I’m a pack rat and have a hard time throwing things away too! As a matter of fact, I’m writing this in my pajamas which consists of my 1988 Poison concert t-shirt and a pair of old flannel pants.

Poison Vintage 1988 Concert T-Shirt

Holy cow… I just found this shirt for sale online for $75! Maybe that was a good thing NOT to throw out… thinking I should go wash and hang it up now. ha!

Your assignment, if you choose to accept…

Does your husband refuse to get rid of that 20-year-old concert shirt? Or maybe there is a running joke in your house about something YOU won’t get rid of that he thinks is ridiculous! Maybe it’s something your kids or parents own?

Either way, take a photo of it and share on my Facebook Page or tell me about it in the comments here. Let’s have some fun sharing!

Share the fun!

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  1. My Hubs is the clothes pack rat. His worst is a sweatshirt from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics that he bought in 1995. It is faded and ratty and smelly. He insisted on wearing it for many years until recently. I think I at least got him to quit wearing it. He loves to buy souvenir shirts but has way too many and to many old ones.

  2. So glad to hear I’m not the only one who’s husband’s pillow and side of the bed is smelly!! My husband holds on to all his LP records, we don’t even have a player for them anymore but he just refuses to get rid of it, and of course all of his Runner’s World magazines, his hundreds of medals for running, and piles and piles of t-shirts also from races!! Then there is also a few very old fashioned ornaments which I threw out the moment we moved in together years ago, that he still keeps in a box! LoL

  3. I don’t know what it is about 30 something guys but they all brag that they still own/wear/fit/have clothing items from high school. I buy new things to update him, but nothing ever LEAVES the closet. I actually caught him washing ALL of the tee shirts and jerseys he has in his closet and hanging them right back up. Even though only a handful have been worn in the 5 years we have been living together! But I must confess – I am a packrat of all things memories. So I don’t say much 😛

  4. At least my hubby had his terrible “stinky” item in the back of the car. He had this awful green blanket that was full of holes and shredded on the ends that he would not part with. “If I need to repair the car on the road or change a tire I may need it”. Ha ha we have AAA so when was the last time you repaired the car or changed a tire on the road. Not in the 36 years we have been married.
    Well I smell this awful smell in the car and thought it was from the dog. Poor baby she was blamed for the stinky blanket. I finally took the blanket out and the smell was gone.
    No more smell, no more blanket!!!!

  5. After 48 yrs. married can’t remember to much haven’t thrown out Had old sweat shirt cut sleeves arm holes out it was awful.I got thew it away then he started on me about pair knee slacks ,oh gosh soooo comfy..had get rid of them,fair is fair,,ha,ha,

  6. Many moons ago I wore a sleep shirt with long sleeves till it actually fell apart. It was so soft! I am a Pittsburgh Steeler Fan so it was #32 for Franco Harris.Hubby had to pry it out of my hands.

  7. My husband has a similar need for his pre-marriage comforter. It does not stink though and right now is on my son’s bed until I manage to find the one that I want to match his room. For the first 3 years that we were married, my husband had a grey thermal henley shirt that he wore ALL the time – for yardwork, watching sports, etc. Whenever he didn’t need to leave the house, he was wearing it. It was so threadbare that it looked like it had cigarette burns all over it. I couldn’t wait for him to get rid of it and constantly reminded him of that fact. Finally, one day he’d heard enough from me and he grabbed it by the collar tearing it down the front. I’m pretty sure I saw a tear in his eye when he realized what he’d done. I couldn’t stop laughing!

  8. My husband has a pair of scooby doo boxers that his mom purchased for him when he was in middle school. He wears them when I slack on doing laundry (which is most of the time). You’ve inspired me to ONE DAY… possibly… years down the road… blog about that faded, almost see-through pair of Scooby Doo undies.

  9. I can relate several things here….Hubby is 42 and has many folded unworn souvenir concert shirts. He also has this awful heavy green blanket – that I hate, but stays folded w/linens. My husband’s pillow is stinky. And he showers before bed every night! Why?! I do not know. Now for the kicker: We have been together for 14 years, marrried almost 10. We met in the Air Force in Colorado Springs. We each had our own apartments. His was decently furnished for a young guy! I had never had crab legs before and one night I came over to the first meal he ever cooked me: Crab legs, green beans, garlic bread, salad and roses on his little dinette table. It has a metal frame – white and glass top. The chairs are metal, with the thinnest layer of fabric. He even had a checked tablecloth (green and white) on it. We have lived in our current house for 8 years and bought a new dining table way back then. So the other table, alas, sits in our garage – I am the one who can’t part w/it b/c of this dinner memory of way back when. I do even have a picture of it…..would require scanning to upload it…I am not good at this!. Anyway, love the table, albeit old and rickety as it is, cannot bear to part w/it! Silly right?

  10. I can empathize with your husband and his comforter. I have a quilt that I absolutely love. There’s just something about it that makes sleeping under it so wonderful. My husband and son have nicknamed it “The Burrito”.
    Of course, I couldn’t leave my husband out of this. He has sweats that he loves with holes all in them. He says he’s got them broken in just the way he likes them. Apparently, he’s not going to let some little holes get in the way of that.

  11. i have a 1997 Virginia Tech vs. Virginia shirt that I bought for only $5 in the parking lot after the game, I love it so much and cannot part with it, my husband hates it because we are Tech fans and we lost that game vs. Virginia so he cringes whenever he sees it.

  12. My husband – who is 50 – still has his high school football jersey and wears it every fall during football season!!…….and yes it fits, because in high school it fit with shoulder pads on…….now it fits like a shirt HAHA!!

    Fun post Amy

  13. This is HILARIOUS! I love that you still sleep in your Poison shirt. I have a Mike Piazza Dodgers tshirt that I used to sleep in…and he hasn’t been on the Dodgers since ’95 or ’96. I’m so glad I’m not the only weirdo out there!!! ; )

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