This easy Thanksgiving table setting idea for making placemats with a sharpie is so adorable and fun to make!

I’m excited to have my friend Kim guest post today! I know you’ll love her creative ideas. Thanks for sharing with us today Kim!

DIY Placemats for a Thanksgiving Table

Hi, I’m Kim from Today’s Creative Blog. Like many of you, now that Halloween is over, it’s a fast track on to Thanksgiving. That poor ole holiday that never gets proper attention, always getting overlooked by all the Christmas hub bub.

I host Thanksgiving every year. And every year I stress. And every year I drive my husband crazy with all my stressing.

I stress about having the perfect table, is the menu perfect, is all the silverware perfect, is the house perfect?………my Mother In-law and Sister In-law are impeccable house keepers……me? Not so much……seriously, how can you have a perfect home and be crafty?

Maybe I should say “how can you have a perfect home and be a busy blogger?” If you have that figured out, please let me know your secrets.

Last year, I came up with the perfect solution for my table. I saw it originally in a Country Living Magazine.

Easy Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas with Sharpies

How to Make Sharpie Placemats

  • Line the Table with Paper: Take a roll of Kraft paper and rolled it out onto the table.
  • Draw: The next step is simple, draw placemats onto the paper with a sharpie!
  • Personalize: Write the name of each guest next to their place setting.

The plates I picked up at Walmart for $2.99 each. I mixed it up by using 2 designs.

To keep the kids (and adults) from getting bored during dinner, I placed planter pots full of brand new crayons. It was relaxed and we had some pretty cool art when we were finished with our meal. It was such a hit and took off the mounting pressure, I have already decided to do it again this year.

Share the fun!

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  1. I do this for the kids’ birthday parties. Instead of tripping and slipping over coloring pages and also spending money on a crappy plastic sheet that slips all over the table, the kids can color on the table! I usually make big random shapes with a black crayon for those who prefer to color rather than draw. Otherwise, it’s entertaining and it’s good for the mess of the table after eating! 🙂

  2. I love it all. I do have a question, how do you edit the napkin rings? I downloaded the template, but can’t figure out how to put the names in. (?) help please. thx

  3. Love these ideas so much! Thanks for sharing them and maybe the Sharpie placemats and crayons will show up on my table this year.

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