Tamron 24-70mm Camera Lens Review for Food and Lifestyle Bloggers. Should you get a new camera lens? See how this new lens measures up with a photo tour of my most recent Sonoma trip!

What kind of lens do you need to be a food or lifestyle blogger? Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2 lens review and Sonoma photo tour!

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Tamron 24-70mm Camera Lens Review for Food and Lifestyle Bloggers

One of my most asked questions about blogging is what kind of camera lens do I use? I love talking about my favorite lens… the Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2 camera lens! Out of all of my camera lenses, this is my favorite for many reasons which I’m sharing today in this camera lens review and quick recap of our fun Sonoma food blogger retreat.

What camera lenses do food bloggers use?

If you’ve ever wondered how food bloggers get such delicious, crisp and clear photos, it’s most likely they are using the 24-70mm camera lens! 

Epic Charcuterie Board - Tamron Camera Lens Review for Food and Lifestyle Bloggers.



What’s New With The Tamron 24-70mm F/2.8?

I’ve been using a Tamron 24-70 mm camera lens for many years, but recently got the new Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2 lens for my Canon camera and was thrilled with the updates from the previous version!

What is Tamron G2?

The G2 stands for second generation. There are several new improvements to the original lens design. Enjoy updates such as better image stabilization, faster AF (auto focus) speed and compatibility with Tamron’s TAP-in Console which gives you lens firmware updates and customization.

Camera Lens Review for Food and Lifestyle Bloggers. Sonoma travel photos taken with Tamron's SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2.

Are Tamron Lenses Good?

YES! I’ve used Tamron lenses  for years. They make excellent lenses and have numerous options to choose from. The new 24-70 mm lens is a standout for its unique features and excellent image quality. Tamron lenses are compatible with Canon, Nikon and several other camera mounts.

What Do You Like Best About the Tamron 24-70 mm Lens?

I like the crisp and clear quality from the zoom lens. You don’t get that with very many zoom lenses. It’s perfect when taking photos and video of food. You have a lot more creative control when you don’t have to move all over the place to get the perfect shot.

All of the photos below were taken with the Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2 lens on my Canon 70D in Sonoma. I hope these photos help you when deciding what type of lens to buy next. 


What Sonoma Wineries Did You Visit?

We LOVED our time at Jordan Winery! In this photo, I was standing about 5-6 feet away from the wine bottle and look at how crisp the label looks. Note this is also a very low resolution photo to make my blog post load quicker – very important for page speed!

Jordan Winery - Food blogger Tamron Camera Lens review

They served us an amazing lunch on a hill looking over their beautiful vineyard.

Sonoma Food Blogger Trip - Jordan Winery - Tamron Camera Lens review by Amy Locurto

I love the natural bokeh that appears in the background of this photo while the meat is sharp and appetizing. I also used the zoom lens so I didn’t have to get too close to our host who was holding this tray. 

Sonoma Food Blogger Trip - Food Photography - Tamron 24-70mm Camera Lens review.


What is Tamron VC?

The Tamron VC Image Stabilizer (Vibration Compensation) ensures this lens delivers sharp and shake-free images. This means that the lens is perfect for hand-held photos and low-light conditions.

This close-up shot of the wine being poured was NOT my place setting, but the person sitting next to me. You would have thought I was super close right? Amazing clarity and with the Tamron 24-70 mm vibration compensation!

Tamron 24-70mm Camera Lens review. Sonoma Food Blogger Trip - Food Photography Wine


Great Camera Lens for Overhead Handheld Photos

Below is another great example of Tamron’s vibration compensation and image stabilization performance. I hosted a Witch’s Night Out Halloween party at our home in Sonoma and we made the most epic charcuterie board ever that night.

To get this shot, I had to stand on a chair and lean way over the table… not an easy thing to do with people all around trying to get their hands just right for the shot. I was wobbling around and shaking, but I knew the photos would come out great because of my Tamron 24-70mm features!

Tamron 24-70mm Camera Lens review. Food Blogger Trip - Food Photography Charcuterie Board Meat and Cheese Living Locurto


What I Love About Using a Zoom Lens

We also visited the St. Francis Winery and Vineyards and we all went wild over the beautiful grounds! It was amazing walking through the lavender and gorgeous vineyards.

To see what you can do with a zoom lens, I stood in the same spot for the next two photos below.

St. Francis Winery - Sonoma Food Blogger Trip - Tamron Lens Review

I took one step forward and bent down for this next angle, but you can see how far away I was from my friends in the previous photo. This is why I love having a zoom lens! I can be sneaky!! Ha! It’s great for capturing natural poses – especially with your kids.

St. Francis Winery - Sonoma Food Blogger Trip - Tamron Zoom Lens Review

I can still smell the lavender! One of my favorite things!

St. Francis Winery - Sonoma Food Blogger Trip - Tamron 24-70 mm Lens Review Lavender Fields

St. Francis’s chef made this amazing pasta for us. I love that my Tamron lens captured it so beautifully even in a room that had very little light.

Sonoma Food Blogger Trip - Tamron 24-70 mm Lens Review Pasta - Food Photography


What Camera Lens is Best for Portraits?

Not only is the Tamron 24-70mm great for food, products and landscape shots, it’s an amazing portrait lens! There are many less expensive lenses that can be used for portraits, but I would recommend investing in a lens like this for all kinds of photos. It’s worth it!

Amy Locurto - Dallas Texas Food Blogger. Tamron Lens Review of Portrait and Food Photography


More great photo examples with a Tamron Lens

Be sure to check out the Halloween Party I hosted while in Sonoma! It was spooktacular! You can also subscribe to my Youtube Channel to see the videos I have made with my Tamron lenses.

Halloween Party Tablescape and Tamron Lens Review

Thanks Tamron for being a great sponsor of our retreat! –>See more of the Tamron Lens line up here.


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