This week’s I Heart Faces photo challenge is “Pets”. Instead of bunnies or baby chicks, I give you adorable piglets this Easter! Obviously these are not my pets, but cute pigs from the Texas State Fair.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday! We would love for you to add a pet photo this week. Enter on Sunday & Monday.

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  1. That takes me back to the summer my daughter was born. We went to the state fair when she was 2ish months old. I stood there looking at the mama pigs nursing all those babies and I cried and cried. Nursing my little suckling was hard work and that poor mama had a dozen to take care of. We were kindered spirits in a way.

  2. Oh I love this shot! I love that you entered pigs, very unexpected for me! The color is great and I love the two piglets in the very front, my eye is really drawn there!

    Christina from IHEARTFACES.

  3. Either that momma pig is really big or those baby pigs are really little! I have to admit, they are sort of cute! Have a blessed Easter!

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