birthday cupcake Flags by Living Locurto

I had a blast designing my birthday party printables. I you missed my post with all of the photos, check them out here.

I thought it would be fun to share the designs with one of you who might be celebrating your 40th birthday as well. So I’ll be giving away ALL of my 40th birthday paper party supplies to one of you!

Birthday Party Signs

40th Birthday Party Favors

I’m not giving away the digital files, but the actual paper pieces!

Here is a little bit of what the winner will receive in the mail from me…

40th party printables

All decorations are cut, embellished, assembled and ready for a party!

Your kit will include: 12 Happy Birthday flags, 12 “40 and Still Hot” favors with candy attached, along with photo booth lips, framed sayings, tags and more.

40 party printables

This giveaway is closed. Congrats to Stacy!

To enter to win:

Leave a comment below telling me all about your party or the one you will be planning for someone’s 40th.

To get an extra entry:

Please leave a comment for each item you do above to get those extra entries!

Giveaway ends Monday, October 10th at Midnight CST.


Share the fun!

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  2. Hi Amy,
    i love the "40 and still hot" cards with the fireball candy attached. how do i order these? they would go great with my 40th birthday party theme! please advise.

  3. I am very excited to be turning 40 in Feb. hurray! Feeling great and blessed…have been thinking of a fabulous day with all my friends and family! LOVE IT

  4. Do you have printable’s via pdf files for the 40th Garden party? I love the colors!

  5. I love the outdoor themes for fourty…I never had a party so Im planning my own 40th which is May 18th 2012…My husband is a Soldier in the United States Army so this would be nice to win supplies and be able to go home an vistit with family is Pricless….

  6. These are great printables. I loved the colors and the overall theme. Full of energy and happiness, just like what any 40th birthday should be. By the way, belated happy birthday to you! I’m sure you had a blast. May you have many more to come.

    Jarrod Frenzel

  7. Hello Amy! First I would like to wish you many congratulations on your birthday number 40, you look great! I love this party kit to celebrate the birthday of my friend. She will love!!! Thanks and kisses from Argentina!

  8. My husband turns 40 this yr, I turn 40 next yr. I love how your printables are versatile and can be used for so many different things. For example the flags can be put in cupcakes, attached to candies etc.

  9. Can’t wait to celebrate turning 40 with my 3 high school girlfriends. These printables will be perfect to help toast our day and 25 years of friendship!

  10. I have 2 more years before i celebrate my 40th but i cant think of a better way to do it than by celebrating those friends that have been with me through it all!! Great party!!

  11. I’d love these printables for my husband’s 40th surprise bday party. He is a kind and wonderful man and never thinks of himself. His first priority has always been me and our 2 year old daughter. These awesome printables would be the perfect touch and make his surprise bday party on Dec 10th so much more special.

  12. I would like to throw myself a 40th birthday and these would be perfect! πŸ™‚ I am bummed about turning 40 b/c I have not accomplished enough on my “bucket list” so these birthday printouts would probably be great for it! πŸ™‚

  13. My hubby turns 40 next year…so some of these would be great. I like the “40 and still hot” ones!!

  14. I stll have about 2 months before I turn 40…5 days before Christmas. With the holidays so close, a true party is probably out of the question…everyone is so busy. I would like to put your awesome creations to use to take some things into my office, since I will be working πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win!!

  15. My friend threw me a fab. 40th birthday ! Which I loved. I however have never been afraid to turn 40. To me it was the age when I was finally a REAL grown up. So the outlook made a big difference. Now it’s my turn to throw one for her. It needs to be HOT ! This is perfect party decorations that will be the cherry on the sundae. She is afraid of the big 40, so I am hoping to make it fun and not at all scary or sad…like the over the hill stuff that is so common at the party supply store. thanks for the chance to win !!!

  16. My 40th birthday is coming up in February and I would love to through myself a great party. These printables would just to the whole thing. I would just love to win.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  17. Oh, you children! Enjoy your forties! I don’t want the printables, thank you. I turned FIFTY (gasp!) in August. Frankly, IT IS GREAT!!!!!!!!! I have two children who have finished their bachelor’s degrees and the last is a junior in college this year. My nest is empty and I am enjoying it. Lucky me! I am still in love with my husband of twenty-six years. Ladies, you have a lot to look forward to. It only gets better!

  18. There are a ton of people I know turning 40 soon. I’m still in young 30’s, so it will be so fun to throw parties for everyone else!

  19. My best friend of 37 YEARS (yep-best of friends since age 3!!) is having a Hot Mama 40th Birthday Party on Oct. 22nd (mine was back in March:) Would love to spring some cute decorations on her – I already had forwarded your blog from a week ago with the other 40th bday party ideas and have volunteered to make as much fun stuff for her as I can. She is one of my oldest and most treasured friends and I want her party to be the best! Love your stuff!!!

  20. I will be 40 in Feb. And I am planning a party for myself…these would be fantastic! PS. I am already a FB fan!

  21. I’ve been planning to celebrate my 40th this year and share with EVERYONE this amazing age! I feel I always want to be Feisty, fabulous and forty! If I win your giveaway, it would just make my dream come true!!!!

  22. A few of my friends and I are turning 40 next year and we are planning to run a marathon in celebration. After seeing pix of your party though, I have to say that looks like much more fun!! πŸ™‚

  23. I have a good friend that turns 40 this month. I’m helping her husband plan a surprise party for her. I turned 40 a few years ago and want to show her how fabulous and fun forty is! Your printables are perfect!

  24. Forty is coming my way and I can hardly wait to celebrate! What better way than with fun pieces to decorate? Happy belated birthday, btw!

  25. My best friend is turning 40 at the end of this month, and I want to throw her the best party. She is always doing things for me and some of the other ladies in our church. It would be great to have this to make her party great. Thanks!

  26. These are great! When I turned 40 not too long ago – six years isn’t that many!! ha My husband put up a bunch of over the hill sayings – some were quite funny! Happy Birthday to you!

  27. Usually the 40th birthday is one that is dreaded, but for my sister, who has been chronically ill her entire life–every birthday is a HUGE celebration <3 I would love to use these to make her 40th an extra special birthday! πŸ™‚

  28. I’m turning 40 a month after giving birth to baby #8 and 2 days before Christmas. Clearly, I have no time to put any effort into a party so I would LOVE to receive these. πŸ™‚

  29. I am planning a 40th birthday party for my best friend who is currently going through a divorce. Her birthday ALWAYS goes unnoticed because it is on Christmas day. This year I am planning her a bash with just wonderful women; toasting to a all new life for her. The party is in late November because she won’t suspect a thing; it is a surprise.

  30. I have my 40th coming up and just love your designs!! The colours are perfect and energetic – they just yell 40 is AWESOME!!

  31. Love these! I’m 40 today so ALL my friends are soon to follow. Would love to use for dinner party πŸ™‚ too cute!!

  32. Hi! I’ll turn 40 in 2013. I’d like do to a party with friends and family, only people that is really important to me. I liked your party a lot: the colors, the organization, the decoration, …, everything was beautiful and simple.
    Adriana (from Brazil)

  33. I am so excited for the timing of this..I am planning my sister 40th this year and my own. I love the printable…..especially the one about 40 and still hot and sangria,she will love this!!. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  34. I am so excited for the timing of this..I am planning my best friends 40th this year and my own. I love the printable…..especially the one about age and wine. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  35. I just had a party for a friend who turned 40 and her BD is in October so of course I did a Halloween theme. We left a rolling rack outside the door filled with different costumes I have gathered over the years. (So easy to go to Goodwill) and asked that each guest choose one before they entered. Of course the house was filled with many spooky things and the tablescape was many many apothocary’s filled with candy ((dollar store is good for this) I love doing this sort of thing..

  36. Yay!! love the colors your decided on I am turning 40 and have to plan my party for November would love this stuff.

  37. I will turn 40 next September! I “pinned” all of your party ideas to my pinterest!!

  38. this is the year…high school and college friends are all turning 40 (me to). so many parties!!!

  39. I turn 40 during Christmas week and would love a party filled with such a riot of color! I’ve used many, many, many of your printables over the past year – thanks for all the inspiration – you make me a “cool” Mom!

  40. I will be turning 40 next year and wanna have a little chin dig for myself. Love your page and love the things you do : )

  41. I loved, loved, loved this whole party theme. I want to plan my own 40th birthday party and would love to use this same theme. You did a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. I’m turning 40 this January and think a party like this with friends would be perfect! How fun!

  43. I am already a fan of Living Locurto on FB! And I pinned the party on Pinterest … repins & likes, of course!

  44. I’m only 37 but I like planning ahead! And if I don’t plan my own party, it’s not happening πŸ˜‰

  45. You could add in the quote from Mark Twain into the mix: “Age is simply mind over matter. If you don’t mind, then it doesn’t matter!” πŸ˜‰ Thanks for all of your amazing printables! πŸ™‚

  46. I just turned forty and my sister in law will be 40 in tDecember! She will be visiting for Thanksgiving and it will be so cool if we can celebrate our 40’s together!

  47. Who’s the next one to turn 40 around here? Sheepishly raising my hand… sigh… It’s me. πŸ™‚ All my friends are much younger or a few years older than me. I would love to win and make it an amazing event!! πŸ™‚

  48. I feel in love with this!! However, I am 42….nuts!! But my Daughter is turning 16 and wants to use this for her party. I am sure that I can make it work but I have a ton of questions…I would love it if we could have a brief email conversation….wanna?

  49. My 40th birthday is next August… I’m inspired by your lovely party to plan one for myself! Love your color scheme, and all the details.

  50. I’m turning 40 at the end of the month and would LOVE to use your party decorations. Thanks for consideration!

  51. I just had my 40th just in August and it was a “surprise” party. I would have loved these for my party but it’s over. πŸ™ Now the rest of my group of friends are turning 40 and would love to have these to surprise them. It would be great to add something extra special – since they were so great to me.

  52. I would love to win this as we always tend to do terrific party planning for others and not as much so for ourselves

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