Rainbow desserts are not only a feast for the eyes but also a fun way to bring a splash of color and joy to any celebration. Whether you’re celebrating Pride Month or simply want to add some vibrant treats to your table, these unique and fun rainbow desserts are sure to impress.

Best Rainbow Desserts Easy Recipes

17 Fun and Unique Rainbow Desserts

To celebrate June, we’ve rounded up some of the Best Rainbow Desserts! From rainbow cupcakes and cookies to jello treats and popsicles, each recipe offers a unique and creative take on the classic rainbow theme, making them perfect for spreading love and happiness!

Celebrating Pride Month with Rainbow Desserts

Pride Month comes each June and is a month dedicated to honoring the history, struggles, and achievements of the LGBTQ+ community, promoting equality and love for all.

One joyful way to show support is through colorful, delicious desserts. Here are some fabulous rainbow dessert recipes that are perfect for Pride Month celebrations.

Easy Rainbow Desserts

Rainbow Dessert Lasagna

Unicorn Rainbow Dessert Lasagna is a no-bake dessert lasagna with layers of colorful cream cheese, pudding, and whipped topping, all on a chocolate cookie crust, decorated with rainbow sprinkles.

Unicorn Rainbow Dessert Lasagna

–> Click here for the Rainbow Dessert Lasagna Recipe

Easy Rainbow Cookies & Milk

Easy Rainbow Cookies & Milk. Fun sugar cookies with a vibrant rainbow design are a perfect for adding a splash of color to any event.


–> Click Here for The Rainbow Cookies & Milk Recipe

Rainbow White Chocolate Cracker Toffee

Unicorn White Chocolate Cracker Toffee is a simple and addicting saltine cracker toffee recipe! Crackers topped with homemade toffee, white chocolate and pastel rainbow sprinkles makes this easy dessert perfect for a colorful rainbow celebration.

White Chocolate Cracker Toffee with colorful rainbow sprinkles

–> Click Here for the Rainbow White Chocolate Cracker Toffee Recipe

Rainbow Sprinkled Edible Cookie Dough

This easy edible cookie dough recipe with rainbow sprinkles is very easy and delicious. No eggs needed and the perfect no-bake rainbow snack for summer!

Rainbow Edible Cookie Dough Recipe

–> Click Here for this Rainbow Sprinkled Edible Cookie Dough Recipe

Rainbow Pool Float Cookies with Mini Teddy Grahams

Adorable life preserver-shaped cookies decorated with mini teddy grahams, great for pool parties and summer gatherings.

Summer Cookie Recipes

–> Click Here for the Rainbow Pool Float Cookies Recipe

3 Ingredient Lemon Dip

Whip up Rainbow Sprinkled Lemon Dip for a quick and healthier dessert recipe. With only three ingredients, you can make this creamy lemon dip in minutes!

Easy Lemon Dip with Sprinkles in a Bowl

–> Click Here for the Easy Lemon Dip Recipe

Rainbow Chocolate Chip Croissant Cookie

A Rainbow Chocolate Chip Croissant Cookie is a must-try for all dessert lovers! All you need are croissants, chocolate chip cookie dough and rainbow sprinkles to create this dessert recipe that will leave everyone craving for more.

Chocolate Chip Croissant Cookie

–> Click Here for the Chocolate Chip Croissant Cookie Recipe

Simple Rainbow Cupcakes with Free Printables

Make simple Rainbow cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles and adorable Rainbow Free Printables. This recipe and rainbow tags are perfect for any celebration!

Best Free printable rainbow tags on cupcakes

–> Click Here to Downolad these cute Rainbow Free Printables

Rainbow Swirl Sugar Cookies

Rainbow swirl sugar cookies are delicious and they add so much color to any celebration.

Easy Rainbow Desserts - Rainbow Swirl Cookies

–> Click Here for the Rainbow Swirl Sugar Cookies Recipe

Easy Rainbow Cupcakes

Easy Rainbow Cupcakes are easy-to-make cupcakes decorated with rainbow-colored frosting and gummy worms, ideal for parties and special occasions.

Rainbow Cupcakes with Gummy Worms

–> Click Here for the Rainbow Cupcake Recipe

Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies 

Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies are sweet, soft, and festive! Covered with colorful sprinkles, they’ll definitely brighten your day!

Easy Rainbow Desserts - Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies 

–> Click Here for the Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies Recipe 

Rainbow Fro-Yo Pops

Rainbow Fro-Yo Pops are a healthy and fun frozen yogurt popsicles layered with colorful candy sunflower seeds, making them a perfect summer treat.

fro yo rainbow pops

–> Click Here for the Rainbow Fro-Yo Pops Recipe

How to Make Rainbow Frosting

Unicorn Rainbow Frosting is easy! Use this easy hack to create rainbow swirled frosting on cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and more!

Easy Rainbow Desserts Rainbow Swirl Frosting Cookies

–> Click Here to learn the Rainbow Frosting Hack

Real Fruit Rainbow Popsicles

This Real Fruit Rainbow Popsicle Recipe is a tasty and colorful snack. A healthy, fun and delicious popsicle that is sure to be a hit!

Easy Rainbow Dessert rainbow-popsicle

–> Click Here for the Real Fruit Rainbow Popsicle Recipe

Layered Jello Rainbow Salad

This striking Layered Jello Rainbow Salad is a colorful dessert sure to impress!

Easy Rainbow Desserts Jello Rainbow Ribbon Salad

–> Click here for the Layered Jello Rainbow Salad Recipe 

Rainbow Rice Krispie Treats

These colorful and festive Rainbow Rice Krispie Treats are perfect for a rainbow party or celebrating Pride month! They’re easy to make and everyone will love them.

Easy Rainbow Desserts Rainbow Rice Krispie Treats

–> Click Here for the Rainbow Rice Krispie Treats Recipe

Rainbow Sprinkles Drink

This delicious Rainbow drink is full of fruity sherbet flavor and of course all the rainbow sprinkles. Get creative and try your own different flavors!

Easy Rainbow Desserts rainbow-sprinkles-drink-recipe

–> Click Here for the Rainbow Sprinkles Unicorn Drink Recipe

Enjoy these rainbow desserts and spread love and acceptance all month long!

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