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We are doing something besides faces!! Of course, I still have a face in mine… just can’t help it.

This photo isn’t great, really more of a great memory. It was one of those nice evenings where we were just hanging out in a courtyard of a shopping area near my home. My kids were being good, the weather was great, I had just gotten new shoes and we were waiting on my husband to get there so we could have a nice meal… life was good. I thought this quote was fitting.



It’s nice to capture everyday memories. That’s why I always have my camera with me. Do you?

I’m a co-founder of I ? Faces and only joining in this photo challenge for fun!

Come on over and enter a photo or at least take a look at all the fun entries:-)

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  1. I know just what you mean. I so love the story almost as much as the picture! I love how we mention on our outings that the kids were being good, it’s just as memorable when they’re good as when they’re not, hahahaha! I always seem to mention that in my stories! Great shot and great moment captured! And yes, I’m the one with the camera. Unfortunately I am never in the pictures.

    christieo’s last blog post..iheartfaces: Feet Week

  2. This is such a great picture! I love the moment you captured, these kinds of pictures can be my favorite. The little everyday moments that can be so easily forgotten. Thanks for sharing this inspiring picture!

  3. I love the quote and your picture captures it beautifully. It’s a precious thing…to have your children want to be so near you.

    Emily’s last blog post..Reading

  4. I love that.. especially with the quote! I tried some staged photos over the past couple of weeks, and they just didn’t work. (and darn it, I visited my nephew and his 2 week old son and did not take ONE picture of that baby’s feet. WHAT was I thinking??). But I found a “different” pic from our Florida trip, and it was a neat memory for me, too. So hey, I like looking at the other end, at least for one week!

    Pam D’s last blog post..I Heart Faces–Week 28–Feet!

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