Enjoy these pretty papers you can download for free!

I love visiting Shabby Princess for great printable paper along with cute digital scrapbook goodies.


EZ at Creature Comforts designed this pretty polka-dot paper. Click the image to visit her site to download and print.

I love A Print a Day house papers.


Find Pretty Scrapbook Paper Packs at Cen’s Stuff



Find loads of free paper at Free Digital Scrapbooking.com

Picture 17

Whew! That should keep you busy if you are looking for paper:-)  Have a great day! -Amy

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  1. I’ve never used scrapbook printables. How to you make sure it looks good when you print it? Do you advise paying a few cents to have a copy center run it on high quality paper with a color laser printer? Or do they usually turn out well with just a home ink jet? I think some of these are really cool but am not confident in my printer’s ability to create nice looking things!

  2. Gosh…I guess I just don’t understand the whole scrapbooking phenomenon…but I find it hard to imagine printing designs on new paper (You paid for the paper for your printer, right? So it isn’t free!) when there are so many pretty things to be found in the “trash”: magazines you’re done with, junk mail, gift wrap, packaging, free stickers from charities, etc., etc. I have been saving things like this since I was a girl, and I almost always have the right kind of pretty thing when I’m making a greeting card or something.

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