The four leaf clover represents luck… here are 4 things you can do today!

1. Send your friends this cute card via email! I made it just for you.

Click the image to enlarge and download.

2. Print some luck bucks.

These would be fun to hide in the yard along with some coins while searching for the Leprechaun’s gold! Luck bucks are courtesy of

3. Eat something green tonight!

Get the green food coloring out or find out how to make these Jello Shamrocks at Zakka Life.

4. Look for a real live Leprechaun!

The leprechaun fairy watch webcam is in a hidden location in the field in Tipperary, Ireland. This video was made on St Patrick’s Day last year. In the trees on the right, around 8 seconds into the video, something can be glimpsed running past at high speed. It is too far away to claim that it is a leprechaun or some other form of Irish fairy but who knows?

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  1. My youngest three kids totally and completely believe that there are leprechauns out there. They go on leprechaun and fairy hunts quite often. I think it’s the cutest thing ever! 🙂

    That video was super-cool.

    theArthurClan’s last blog post..A "Heartwarming" Story

  2. When I was young I went to girl scout camp. We took nature walks every day and the councilors told us that fairies lived in the woods and if we looked close we could see them. Of course, I saw some 😉 So, I say that’s definitely a bird Leprechaun!

    Amy’s last blog post..I ? Faces: Week 10

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