In celebration of my new banner. I will feature something I loved from the 80’s.

One of my most exciting trips each summer was with my Aunt Tricia to the teacher store. She would get her class supplies, while I took in the smell of the store (it just smelled like school) and gawked at all the stickers. Stickers were my passion back then! ha. Smelly stickers were of course my favorite.

On another one of my mom’s visits, she brought my sticker collection. (That of course I had forgot all about.) A shoe box full of 80’s stickers! Everything from The Gremlins, E.T., Star Wars and Strawberry Shortcake. Most of them I would not dare stick on anything, they were too pretty. Especially the scratch and sniff ones. So they are all still in good shape. Imagine my surprise when I searched ebay and discovered people are collecting 80’s scratch & sniff stickers! Some of the sheets are going for $15 and up. I can see why, they are totally cute and still smell really good… especially the dill pickle and pizza!

I love Bubble Dog’s Scratch and Sniff sticker collection. All the stickers I always wanted on a web site! If you are interested in going back in time for a bit click here.

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Check out these Apple Computer stickers from the 80’s. The photo on the right are stickers from posters I used to by through the Weekly Reader at school. They had silly sayings on them. The sillier the better when you’re 10.

Did you collect something when you were a kid? Anything 80’s? Please share!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I had those very same scratch-n-sniff stickers from the 80’s. I had forgotten all about them. I don’t know why it’s so exciting to re-discover a product from your childhood, but it is!

    I was a sticker collector in the 80’s. I had a sticker book that I put all my stickers in. I also collected anything with rainbows on it.

    I just discovered your blog today, and I love it.

    Becky’s last blog post..A New Look

  2. Ah, I loved going to get stickers too. I have some from childhood, but unfort. I put them in a place where they got wet and now have some dirt on them. Ick. I wish I wouldn’t have done that. Boo.

    My favorite sticker of mine (actually my sister at one time had given me her collection) was a sticker of barbie where you could change out her clothes. She had a white fringed cowboy outfit on with boots and undergarments when you unstuck them. Ooh, so risque.

    I also loved some black velvety cats that I had. Who would have known that I would one day have one of my own!

  3. you are so freakin’ funny. we collected hello kitty stuff, pencils, eraser and pencil boxes. you weren’t cool if you didn’t have a hello kitty pencil box…c’mon!

    and…90210 (from a couple posts back)…are ya kiddin’ me? i, too, am weird like you and read the whole post ’til the end. i CAN’T WAIT! how do you find out these things? read the paper? watch the news? i do neither. maybe that’s why i have no idea. and…i hear ya on grey’s anatomy…i’m kinda feelin’ a little done withe them too. if the whole show was mcdreamy and mcsteamy gettin’ all gooey and schmooey with someone, then i’d like it more.

    okay. it is VERY late. blessings.

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