Call up some of your friends and have a fun girl’s day out with these fun Happy Hour Party Ideas and Free Printable Decorations!

Fun Happy Hour Party Ideas. Call some friends and have a girl's day or night out with these simple Happy Hour Party Ideas and Free Printable Decorations!

Celebrate the day with these fun Happy Hour Party Ideas!

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How long has it been since you’ve seen your girlfriends or hosted a happy hour party? Probably way too long! There is no time like the present to enjoy time with good friends. Along with a fabulous giveaway, I’m sharing some simple entertaining ideas and free party printables to help you plan a casual happy hour.

Invite your favorite ladies over for happy hour party cocktails and an afternoon of girl time fun! Don’t forget to take a lot of photos.

Simple & Fun Happy Hour Party Ideas and Free Printables!

Anytime I plan a party, I always think about the food first. I’ve been working with Ristorante by Dr. Oetker and not only did their delicious pizza come through for my family game night, it was perfect for the happy hour I recently hosted for my besties to get the first look at my new studio!

Fun Happy Hour Free Party Printables.

I was busy designing these cute happy hour free printables for you so I didn’t have a lot of time to make a recipe from scratch.

Popping yummy Quattro Formaggi Ristorante pizza in the oven was the perfect party solution! I love that it has blue cheese and crunchy crust. Not your typical frozen pizza!

Happy Hour Party Ideas and Free Printables. This Pizza looks good!

Check out the Ristorante Store Locator to find this frozen pizza near you. Put in a request with the store manager of your local supermarket if they don’t currently sell Ristorante.

(Don’t miss the awesome giveaway at the bottom of this post to win some pizza for yourself!)

Simple & Fun Happy Hour Party Ideas and Free Printables!

I decorated a simple table setting with just a few things. Fresh flowers, drinks, snacks, my free Happy Hour Party Printables and a tall cupcake stand filled with pizza.

Cupcake wrappers are not only for cake, I love using them for many things! Adding bite sized pizza slices made it easy for my friends to snack  while chatting.

What a fun and simple way to serve pizza! Happy Hour Party Ideas and Free Printables at

Blackberry Goat Cheese Happy Hour Party Bites

Finger foods are the best when having a casual gathering!

Along with pizza, I also made delicious blackberry and goat cheese appetizers. These take no time at all and taste amazing with the savory taste of pizza.

Spread goat cheese on a cracker, top with a blackberry and drizzle with honey. So easy!

Blackberry Goat Cheese Appetizers - Recipe and more party ideas at


I also grabbed some ready made brownies along with humus and veggies from my local market and attached a cute printable tag onto a straw and stuck them in the food.

Simple & Fun Happy Hour Party Ideas and Free Printables!


What happy hour party drinks should you serve with pizza?

Juicy fruit flavors will help bring out the savory flavors, not just in the topping but also from the crispy dough base.

I made a big batch of Skinny Sangria! I will be sharing my recipe soon because it turned out fabulous!

Delicious and Easy Skinny Sangria Recipe! The perfect low calorie party drink. Easy cocktail recipe with low sugar.

Yummy Ristorante Pizza. Happy Hour Party Ideas and Free Printables!

The best wines for pizza are usually red wines. But not everyone likes reds, so a fuller-bodied white wine or Champagne would also be delicious with the right pizza.

I’m so happy I had a great day in with friends! I encourage you to do the same:-)

Simple & Fun Happy Hour Party Ideas and Free Printables!

High Heels and Simple Happy Hour Party Ideas to host with your girlfriends!


Enjoy the Free Party Printables!

Free Happy Hour Party Printables

Happy Hour FREE Party Printables by

Download the Happy Hour Free Party Printables Here! 

Get a 5 x 7 sign, tags for gifts, cupcake toppers, straws and more.

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 Fun Happy Hour Party Ideas and recipes! Call some friends and have a girl's day or night out with these simple Happy Hour Party Ideas and Free Printable Decorations!


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Dr. Oetker USA LLC. I received compensation for this post; however, all opinions stated are my own.

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  1. my must have pizza is spinach, crisp bacon and onions. so heavenly!

  2. Donair pizza is my favourite, but that’s mostly a maritime thing. I like alfredo sauce on pizza instead of tomato. Usually get mushrooms, pineapple, various meat. smoked mussels are also really good

  3. That pizza looks so yummy!! Nothing better than a homemade pizza with sun dried tomatoes and black olives!

  4. I love this post. I’ve never thought about having a “Happy Hour” party–fantastic! My favorite pizza topping is sausage.

  5. Favorite topping is definitely beef, green peppers and onions. I like weird combos xo

  6. My favorite pizza topping is usually JUST CHEESE! But I have expanded into really loving pizza with chicken on it.

  7. I love me some pineapple on my pizza! With some sausage or pepperoni. I love all pizza, but if I have my way there's pineapple on it

  8. I love sautΓ©ing onions and bell peppers in butter when nice and cooked I put those on the pizza sauce and top with parmesan and mozzarella cheese and then bake. So delicious!

  9. Oh, I love the works on my pizza but if I have to choose just one thing it would have to be the cheese. Lots and lots of creamy, melty cheese. YUM!

  10. My favorite toppings for pizza are mushrooms and black olives! But my favorite pizza is ristorantes mozzarella!

  11. I love anything with meat on my pizza, but a really good pizza that I had recently was pesto, tomatoes, prosciutto and ham, artichokes, and olives. It was so delicious!

  12. Always loved ham and pineapple. Still can’t get my kids to realize how good it is πŸ™‚ Thank you

  13. There was a Thai Chicken pizza at a local place that shut down recently. Sadface! It was such a good pizza!

  14. thanks for a great idea i am going to get my friends together next week it been to long

  15. I like sausage and mushroom, and I also like cheese…actually I never met a pizza I didn't like! Thanks for chance at giveaway!

  16. Pepperoni is my favorite pizza topping, especially when it is a little burnt around the edges.

  17. I like a good carnivore pizza…pepperoni, sausage, bacon, Canadian bacon, hamburger, chicken. Yummmm! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. πŸ˜‰

  18. I love fresh tomato slices, fresh basil, black olives and artichoke hearts!

  19. Congrats on the new space, this looks like such a fun party with your favorite ladies! If I'm ever in your area I totally expect a tour and delish food like this waiting on me. πŸ˜‰ I'm a simple girl and cheese is my fave topping, yum! Now I'm hungry.

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