It’s been a while since I showed you an update of our tree house. If you are a new reader here, this tree house was a BIG surprise by my husband while we were visiting family this summer.

Originally, it was an idea I designed with cardboard. Yes, just an idea that I never thought would end up as a real house… let alone this big! But since my husband went all out, I thought it was time to decorate and enjoy it while the weather has been super fantastic here in Texas.

Loaded with bags of left over Christmas decorations and fabric, I headed out to the tree house. Mainly to keep my hacking cough away from everyone else in the house. Yes, it’s cold season and guess who’s got one? Cough Cough…



One of these days, I’ll figure out what I want to do and decorate it really great with paint and furniture. For now, it will be a fun hide-out to craft and read.

I thought it turned out pretty cute for a make-over by someone with a bad runny nose and cough:-)

For a quick fix, I tacked fabric to the walls for curtains. Yeah, I like doing things the easy way!

Now I need to find a big, cheap rug and some more cough medicine!

What did you do this weekend?

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  2. That is adorable. what lucky kids to have such a talented carpenter dad. Your decorations for christmas are so cute. Wish I had half your creativity.

  3. My kids have a large 8X12 playhouse (with loft space!)compliments of a REALLY great and genreous Grandma!

    For a carpet idea – we went to Home Depot/Lowe’s (I forget which) and bought indoor/ouitdoor carpet (inexpensive and indestructible)right off a huge roll so there is no seam on the floor. We laid it on the floor, cut it to fit perfectly and secured it with inexpensive shoe round moulding and nails – it looks great! We chose a neutral beige to hide dirt and sand. I can go out there and sweep it up occasionally and it looks brand new! Love it and it helps keep the house a little warmer and much more comforable for playing on the floor.

    LOVE, love, love the idea for curtains! I will be doing that exact trick after Thanksgiving vacation! I love an excuse to go to the fabric store and I don’t even sew!

    Love, love, love, you and your website, too! I (and my kids) have really enjoyed the printables!
    Thank you so much!
    Sheri O.

  4. Your tree house is so beautiful! I need to show hubby this post and maybe he’ll take a hint. Feel better Amy!

  5. Hi Amy,
    Wow, a fireman’s pole! Either my dad didn’t know how to make one or he wanted our log cabin to be historically accurate. I’m betting on the first of those two options.
    I would love for your to check out my blogspot. I am so totally new to this that I really don’t know what I’m doing. Your blog was one of the first I ever subscribed to and yours is one I would like to emulate in terms of success. My blog address is Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  6. @Lisa,

    My dad built me a tree house too! It even had a fireman’s pole:-) My kids don’t know how lucky they have it. I tell them everyday, but they don’t believe me:-)

  7. I had a playhouse that my dad built out of split cedar logs. We played in it constantly. It looked like a little log cabin. As an adult living in a yard full of trees I would love to have a real treehouse. I’m thinking something on the order of Swiss Family Robinson. Tell your children that I think they are extremely lucky to have such a great tree house builder dad and a wonderfully creative mom. I love the treehoue!

  8. @lisa,

    Yes, we had to get an approval of safety from the city and our home owner’s association. That’s what we’ve been waiting on and why I haven’t decorated until now. We would have hated to have to tear it down if it wasn’t approved.

  9. What did I do over the weekend? Saturday, my daughter and I attended my friend’s 31 party and then we cheered for our beloved Ohio State Buckeyes in the afternoon. On Sunday we went to church and I baked a Texas Sheet Cake for my hubby’s birthday. Mmmm!

  10. my son has been asking for a tree house for years… and he ‘s only 5.. but we always say we have no trees.. but this looks possible… I would love to do this.. do you need zoning to approve… It’s great.. and I love the wreath.. feel better

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