This week’s photo challenge at I Heart Faces is PAPER. I couldn’t resist using an old photo from when my son was in Kindergarten. Of course he won’t be too thrilled to see it! He wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a turkey hat now. ha!

A few years ago, he came home from school with the cutest Thanksgiving book. Each kid wrote how they thought you cooked a turkey, then the teacher bound them together to make a book.

Okay, I’m breaking the I Heart Faces rules now with more than one photo (but since I’m a co-founder and just doing it for fun… hey that’s okay!)

This is what my son said…

The left side is me shopping at Target for the turkey, the middle is the turkey in the oven, the right side is him and his dad eating the turkey. So no love for me and baby sister?? Only the boys get to eat I guess:-)

I laughed out loud at what this kid wrote…

I’m a co-founder of I Heart Faces and just entering for fun! I hope you’ll enter a photo this week.

Enter on Monday.

Need help with dinner this week? Try one of these Free Weekly Meal Plans! I hope to have a new one ready to go this week. YAY!

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  1. Adorable!!!!! My son had his Pre-K Thanksgiving Feast at school on Friday. His class each answered the question on how to ook a turkey! My son’s was hilarious! My husband and I were cracking up while reading it. He said you cook the turkey at 2000 degrees for 4 minutes! I love this age!!!!

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