I bought a bag of styrofoam balls, googly eyes and pipe cleaners then went a little nutty on the crafts one afternoon! So here are 5 ideas that would be fun for any holiday party or school project.

A Trick-or-Treat Bucket

I made this creepy bucket for Family.com. Find out how to make this craft here.

Eyeball Bracelet

This spooky craft is fun for all ages! Get directions over on Family.com.

Spider Wand

Hot glue some googly eyes to a styrofoam ball, add pipe cleaner legs and stick into a pipe cleaner for a fun spider wand!

Alien Shoes

Your feet want to have fun too! (My kids LOVED this craft.)

Alien Mask

I also made this silly mask for Family.com. Head over there for some goofy alien printable stickers and directions.

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  1. I think these are so cute! I love googly eyes. They make me smile. Your newsletter makes me smile everyday also!

  2. Spray paint a bunch of them silver and use with spirit gum or other safe skin adhesive to create screw heads and rivets for mechanical or monsterous effects on face, neck and arms. Or, you can adhere then paint with face paint. Great moles or chicken pox!

    Love the fun ideas you shared, who doesn’t love googly eyes?!

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