Python Nu Kappa {PNK} Monsters University Candy Spoon Birthday Party Treats

After watching Monsters University, I became somewhat obsessed with the PNK, Python Nu Kappa, sorority monsters! I really think they could make a spin off movie for girls just about these hilarious “PNK” monster girls.

With hair in tones of reds, pinks and purples and cute pink sweaters with fuzzy purple leg warmers, what little girl wouldn’t love these fun monsters? That led me to thinking about birthday parties for girls and then of course these fun food party treats!!!

I’m excited to add the PNK girls to my Despicable Me Minion Candy Spoons portfolio of fun food ideas.

If you haven’t seen the Monsters U movie yet, here is a little more about the girls…

Pretty in pink, the sisters of Python Nu Kappa (PNK) are not to be underestimated. Led by their fearless queen bee Carrie, these ladies are smart, cold-hearted and merciless. Covered in pink from head to toe, the PNKs sweet exterior quickly turns terrifying when the Scare Games begin.

Python Nu Kappa {PNK} Monsters University Candy Spoon Treats


How to Make Python Nu Kappa (PNK) Candy Spoons

These candy spoon treats are really easy to make!

Python Nu Kappa {PNK} Monsters University Candy Spoon Birthday Party Treats


What You’ll Need

NOTE: Printable PNK Sweaters coming soon! I had them drawn, but my computer crashed and now they are magically gone! As I was writing this, I just realized this! Bummer. I will re-draw and put on this post in the next 24-48 hours.


To make the hair, I used Rips Licorice, but you might be able to use a large fruit roll up instead. I took 4 pieces of the candy and mashed it together with a rolling pin to form one large rectangle.

Use scissors to cut the hair shape, then cut bangs from another piece of licorice.



To prepare, get all of your ingredients ready to place on the spoon before dipping.



Place a large handful of candy in a deep glass bowl or cup and heat in the microwave for 30 seconds. Stir a little bit, then heat for an additional 10-20 seconds if needs to be melted more.

The melting process time will depend on your microwave. You don’t want to over heart it or it will burn.

Place the hair onto a sheet of wax paper.

Dip a spoon into the melted candy and place upside down on the hair. There should be enough candy that will make the spoon stick to the hair.

Carefully place the bangs on the top of the spoon.

Before the candy dries, add three candy eyeballs and lips.

Let the candy dry, then add the printable PNK sweater (coming soon) to the spoon with a glue dot.

The spoons will seem really top heavy, but if there was enough candy to hold things together, they will stand up perfectly in styrofoam to make a great party food display!

I hope you liked this fun food idea!

Let me know if you make them, please share on Instagram or Facebook and tag me with the hashtag #LivingLocurto.

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