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Paper Flower Craft Tutorial - How to Add Color to Your Home!

I adore color. My style is definitely the brighter the better! But in my home, I like to add subtle pops of color that I can easily change with the seasons.

I hope you enjoy these tips for adding color to your home along with this fun Paper Flower Craft Tutorial! You will be surprised by what the flowers are made from:-)

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Adding color to your home is simple, but with so many color options, how do you decide? One way to add color to your home is to choose your neutral colors first, then add pops of the brighter colors with accessories that you can switch out with the latest color trends.

How to Add Color to Your Home!

For my living room, I chose gray, white and shades of golden browns as my starting colors.  The floor, walls, furniture, rug and window treatments contain my neutral colors.  I love how my favorite bright colors such as red, blue, yellow and orange compliment my neutral room color choices. It’s easy to add pops of color with pillows, candles, photos and other home accessories.

How to Add Color to Your Home!

My studio is full of color, but I started with mostly white and black. I wanted a more modern look in my work space so chose bolder color pattern. I’ve always loved the combination of hot pink and yellow, so those are my main pops of color. Other bright colors such as green and turquoise blend well with this space. Anytime I want to change my mind, I’ll just remove my accessories and start fresh.

You can see how adding color to your home can be very simple!

Sparkle® just addd a hint of color to their new paper towels and I’m loving it. They sent me their latest towels with the new unique blue pattern.


The new Sparkle® towels with a hint of color is the same shade that I LOVE using as an accent color in my new living room. It’s also the same color that I painted our tree house door! Can you tell that I like blue? ha!

How to Add Color to Your Home!

I liked these new paper towels so much in my kitchen that I used them to add more color to my studio! They not only clean up everyday little messes, but make adorable paper flowers.

We made flowers with colorful straws and the new Sparkle® towels. I think they turned out so cute and it was a blast making them!

How to Make Paper Flowers

Paper Flower Craft Tutorial - How to Add Color to Your Home!

This is a great kids activity. The new hint of blue makes it way more interesting than the usual white paper towel too:-)

What You’ll Need:

  • Sparkle® towels with a hint of color
  • Colorful Straws
  • Washi Tape
  • Scissors

Start with cutting one paper towel in half. Cut a circle from that square and then cut a swirl as in these step-by-step photos.

Paper Flower Craft Tutorial with Sparkle Paper Towels.

Tape the edge of the paper towel swirl to a straw, then wrap around using your fingers to shape the flower. Use tape to connect the flower together and you’re done!

how to make a paper flower

The more flowers you make, the better they look!

Paper Flower Craft Tutorial with Sparkle Paper Towels.

Click the image below to enjoy a $1 Off Coupon for the new Sparkle® towels.

Paper Towel Coupon

What are your favorite colors to use when decorating your home?

These ideas are brought to you in collaboration with Georgia-Pacific. Thanks for supporting the companies that make it possible for us to share projects that inspire living a more creative life! 

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