DIY Cardboard Box Barn for a Barnyard Farm Themed Birthday Party. Super cute play house idea for kids! by Amy Locurto at

I wanted to share this DIY Cardboard Box Barn that I made for my son’s first birthday.

This cardboard box barn was really easy to make! The longest part was painting it because cardboard soaks up craft paint. So I had to do several coats.

I found the largest and tallest box I could buy. Then cut off the top flaps. Then I trimmed the front top of the box into a barn shape and cut and bent the sides to work as the roof. I used a lot of hot glue to attach the top of the roof  in place and make it look nice.

One window was open, the other window had doors on it so my son could open and shut it. It later fell off because he kept using it so much!

Cardboard Barn Box!

I turned the extra pieces of cardboard into items and details for the barn. I made:

  • Window boxes and glued silk sunflowers inside the boxes.
  • A horseshoe to place above the door.
  • A weather vane for the top of the barn.

The cardboard box barn door was easy. After cutting the door, I attached a small plastic handle with hot glue.

I have since turned the designs I made for his party decorations into a cute On the Farm Party Collection that can be found in my shop.

Farm Party Printable Collection

My son’s cardboard box barn was made over 10 years ago! Way before I even knew what a blog was:-) I hope you enjoy this inspiration for a homemade Play House for kids!


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  2. lovely! About the cardboard soaking up paint , here is a little tip , just give a coat of mod podge before you start painting , cardboard wont soak up paint!. 🙂

  3. That is so adorable! I have a home day care, and my little ones will love this!! Just FYI, when you hang a horseshoe over the door, the ends should always point up. Otherwise, all of your luck falls out.

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