It’s spring break and I’m visiting my family in Oklahoma where the nearest wi fi spot, Starbucks or McDonalds, is 24 miles away. Mostly it will be a week offline for me, so we’ll be making these today!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’ll leave you with a post from another time I visited home. I thought you might like to see what we’ll be doing. After reading it though, I’m scared of what might happen on this trip! I better bring my spray bottle. hee!

I survived my Oklahoma trip:

After driving 5 hours alone with two crazy kids, the very first hour at Grandma’s house was very eventful. My son (yes the older one, NOT the 2 year old) stuck a tiny Lego piece up his nose!! Yep, and of course it got stuck!! WAY up there too!

Did I tell you he’s six years old and still hasn’t figure out how to blow his nose? He’s all about sniffing, not blowing. argh! I guess when you have something stuck that far up your nose, you figure out how to blow out pretty darn fast. Whew!! So we survived that drama to go see this the next day…

This is the town’s swinging bridge.

This bridge has been in town since my mom was in grade school.

It’s old, it’s over a river and it swings and bounces… what more can I say? Oh… yeah, that I got my second heart attack after the Lego incident.

Later that afternoon we visited my Aunt and fished in her pond.

We sat around the fire and had a wiener roast. Do you call it that where you’re from? We do in Oklahoma.

They had new chickens which the kids had a blast feeding. We laughed because the next time we come visit, we’re sure to have deviled eggs, egg salad and lots and lots of scrambled eggs:-)

Then my aunt brought out her guitar and we sang funny songs. Well, she sang, while my mom and I threw wood on the fire! You’d think I’d remember more of the words to the songs, but I really did not get that musical gene or memory gene for that matter:-)

This one might be my little singer, since everything she touches turns into a microphone. It was so cute watching her listen to her aunt sing.

It was really sweet at the end of the night when I overheard my son say “This is the best day I ever had!” Guess it was worth 10 hours in the car:-)

What are your spring break plans?

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  1. So funny…yes we called it a weiner roast too growing up! We used to have our weiner orasts at Buzzards Roust at Lake Murray!
    Have a great trip! I am so glad the Lego incident turned out good!

  2. What a wonderful time… when I go to my Dad’s I have about the same situation….no internet…..but it’s wonderful.
    How fun to have a singing Aunt =)
    .-= teresa´s last blog ..take Luck- =-.

  3. How fun–but it looks cold! Dont rush back here, I just checked the forecast and its supposed to be 35 Saturday night here. Just say I jinxed the metroplex.

    The swinging bridge looks like fun. Only because it reminds me of one I used to play on in the Hill Country.

    You said wiener roast, I thought of cute little puppies.
    .-= Screwed Up Texan´s last blog ..Texas Pride and Pronunciation =-.

  4. I have been following you site for a while and really enjoy it.
    Once I saw the swinging bridge I knew it was Pawhuska. My mother grew up there and my grandfather still leaves in town. She was actually there last week. Such a small world – I assume that you know Ree, the Pioneer Woman.

    We live in DC and cherish the times we go “home” to Oklahoma. My children love the slow pace and friendliness of the whole town.

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