I wrote about this when I first started blogging this summer. This is one of my favorite photos of my son, so I thought it would be good to re-post for week 2 of I ? Faces.


I just started cutting my kiddo’s hair myself. I must say, I’ve been doing a pretty great job up until today! Okay, here is the front… Looks good huh? He’s so cute, I LOVE this photo of him. This is his natural smile which I hardly ever catch on camera.

Now, here is the back.

Whoops!!! See the strip of baldness? I wasn’t thinking and forgot to put the little shield on the clippers and buzzed a line up his head! I freaked out at first, but after cutting the rest, it turned out okay. I’m sure by next week, it will have grown out. At least he doesn’t seem to care. He likes to feel it, thinks it’s cool. Maybe I should do another strip on the other side and it will look like I meant to do it? ha!

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Thanks, Amy

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  1. I have a 2 1/2 year old. I’ve given him his last 4 haircuts. I swear it gets harder and harder everytime. It takes me hours to chase him around and snip a little bit whenever I can! This past haircut was certainly not my best work!

    Great picture!

  2. Oh this picture is awesome. I used to help “clean up” my husband’s hair after he clipped it and I am so bad at it. I used to clip around his ears and it was always so ugly. I used to tell him that I would pay for his haircuts if he would just go have it done!

    Tracie’s last blog post..I Heart Faces Week 2

  3. How cute- I use to cut my boys hair with the Flo Be- {cutters with a vacuum attached to it :}
    Great pictures- and I’m so enjoying Faces- I don’t know much about taking pictures but it fun to see what others come up with.

    teresa’s last blog post..Faces

  4. I did the same thing to my brother’s head once. He begged me to cut it. I did really good until he asked me to go a little shorter. It ended up looking like he had a landing strip on the top of his head which forced him to have a full baldy buzz. 🙂

    Andrea’s last blog post..I ? Faces – Kids

  5. hehe. Amy – I think you did a 90% terrific job! 😉
    I used to cut all my boys’ hair, too. But I think I had a few too many “oopses” and my husband banned me from doing the cutting. Now, he’s the barber. 😛

    Susan’s last blog post..Lightroom, How I Love Thee …

  6. Oh Amy that is too FUNNY!! Your right dont sweat it. It will grow back and before you know it you will miss the memory of it that was that moment. Glad you took a photo.


    Tim’s last blog post..I Heart Faces Entry

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