How to make an easy DIY Photography Backdrop for taking great photos of your kids!

I have been looking through old photos and blog posts that I have written about my daughter and came upon this DIY Photography Backdrops on a Budget article that I wrote for I Heart Faces when she was a baby!

I miss having those days together at home while big brother was at school. We used to play dress up and have fun fashion photo sessions. Oh, the good ol’ days when I could take her photo without her realizing it. Now I have to bribe her to get her picture. Ha!

Notice how cute she was in her 7th birthday party photos that I featured yesterday? That was because of bribes with her favorite candy…gum! As a photography nut’s daughter… she is so over my camera:-)

For those who love taking photos of your kids… even if you have to bribe them, you might find my article over on I Heart Faces helpful.

Enjoy 4 Tips for DIY Photography Backdrop Ideas on a Budget.

Have you played photographer with your kids as models before? If so, what kind of photo session did you do?

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  1. My is only 6 months old. We had gone to a local art museum and I took impromptu pictures (right before his 6 months). He did so well (especially when I didn't want him to look at the camera). But the hardest thing is to get him to smile! He'll only smile when he wants to, like I want him to. LOL

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