Funny, Silly Faces Photo Challenge

I didn’t think I had anything for this theme, then I remembered the birthday party my mom had for my daughter last week when I went home for a visit. She gave everyone these glasses for party favors! Talk about silly!


Because I’m one of the Co-Founders of I ? Faces and doing this just for fun, I can BREAK the rule of more than one photo! Yes, I love being the rule breaker! Sorry Angie:-)

During the party, my Aunt Tricia, her husband and my mom decided to do a concert with their noses and kazoos.

Talk about funny, or just plain weird…


I guess Aunt Tricia didn’t realize everyone was wearing those glasses until this moment.


Then it got even sillier.


Sort of makes you go…


Yes. We are a silly family.

Come on over to I ? Faces and share a silly photo with us!

Oh, it’s also pet week!

Testing my new camera on Rocky Balboa. He loves the attention and I love my new camera!


Please visit I ? Faces for weekly challenges, photo tips and tutorials. It’s lots of fun!!

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  1. It seems as though your mother could hang with my grandmother. Good glasses can always spice up a party or a photo shoot. Love it!

  2. It looks like everyone was a rule breaker this week 🙂 Good. Sometimes it is good to break rules : ) LOVE your kitty. Oh my goodness. And I love your Mom and Aunts laughing. So happy : )

  3. These photos are just awesome! Made me laugh right along with them.

    Your cat is adorable!

    I’m finally back to playing along after taking most of this summer off.

  4. You are definitely having a great time capturing great pictures with your new camera! That one of your son is tremendous, munching on a pink cookie while wearing Harpo Marx-esque glasses. But your daughter at the end is truly spectacular. What is it with little girls and gaping mouths?!

  5. These photos are so cute! I had a hard time deciding which one I liked the best. I guess I will have to go with the cookie but I also love the capture you got of the two ladies laughing.

  6. you are blessed to have a silly family – such fun! and i love the shots of aunt tricia – what a hoot! your cat’s beautiful and congrats on the new camera!

    i have my face shot posted now, too, feel free to come on over for a visit anytime 🙂

  7. Those are some seriously silly faces – I really loved the one of your aunt in hysterics 😀 Nice shot of the pussy-cat too. I’m so jealous … I WANT A DSLR!!

  8. You are such a bad influence…you have me breaking the rules now too!

    That cat is sooooo going to make me sneeze in November…lol! It will be totally worth it to see you and all the I ? Faces chickies though!!

    co-founder of I ? Faces

  9. Too funny! Reminds me of our cousin’s wedding where they put out bottle-coke glasses…we had so much fun taking pictures. Props bring out the extra silly in even the most serious of folks.

  10. I love your pictures! So many fun and silly moments. I actually LOVE your little girls expression though. She is so beautiful and those eyes are to die for! Thanks for sharing

  11. Aww…that just made me think of some really silly pics I have of my boy and his friends with wacky glasses! Snap! LOVE those, especially the adults just cracking themselves up! And RockyBalboa is simply gorgeous (and that new camera ROCKS!)

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