A long time ago a friend gave me a kid’s table that was going in the trash. Heaven’s no! I saw some major potential in this table. Even though it had stickers, dings and marker all over it, a good paint job would do the trick. Well, I got busy and never got around to doing my marvelous painting make-over.

This weekend, I had enough of that ugly table! I remembered a big roll of leopard print sticker paper my friends at Sticviews had given me.


So with about 30 minutes of daylight left, I got it out and started cutting and sticking. In less than 20 minutes I did this…


The neat thing about Sticviews is they are water proof. So my kids can paint and draw all over this and they won’t mess it up like they would have my beautiful paint job.


They are so easy, I will be changing this out a lot. I think I’ll work on designing a Christmas one with my kid’s names on it. How fun would that be?


Go check out all the cool things Sticviews can do for you. They are friends of mine in real life from Dallas and super nice! Email them and they can send you any type of pattern you would like. Or, if you want to design your own, they have a very cool web site where you can customize your own design!

I just played around with their custom design program and made these cute table top designs in about 10 minutes:

Picture 39

I clicked on the snowman in their seasonal section, hit buy and started playing around with the customization. With my kid table dimensions, this ended up being $20. Much easier and lots more fun than painting! A big photo of your kids would be super cute also!

Picture 35

Hope you enjoyed this easy make-over! Check out Kimba’s Do it Yourself Day and Kim’s Get Your Craft On for a ton of more fun ideas.

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  1. Love this. I’ve been looking @ Sticviews for about a week, wondering what my first project will be. I definitely want to use my own art. In fact, I’ve been looking to translate my art into stick-ons for years. I just have to sit down and figure out where to start!
    Maybe now I can get started on all my roadkill furniture. Thanks.
    .-= Colleen @ Mural Maker and More´s last blog ..Easy Wood Transfers =-.

  2. What a great use for sticviews! These stics totally transform the look of the table – and takes up less time then painting. Great idea, Amy! I’m going to skin my desk at work next week – zebra or cheetah? 🙂
    .-= Kat Farmer´s last blog ..I Heart Faces Photography Workshop =-.

  3. So cute! I’ve got to check this out for the desks on my Elfa wall unit. The kids have colored it up real nice : ) I had contact paper down but this is tons better!

  4. Great idea, Amy! Is it easy to peel off and replace with a new one!

    The table my sister lent me for the kids when they were little is due to go back and the top got ruined by something my hubby sat on it – it mildewed so we sanded it down and I was going to varnish it. I’m wondering of this would be a better alternative!
    .-= Dot O´s last blog ..A Promise To Myself =-.

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