It’s been a crazy back to school week! I’m ready for the weekend. How about you?

Jackie over at Avacado & Papaya made these pancakes with a turkey baster. I’m making these this weekend for sure!


Do you have big weekend plans? We’ve got birthday parties to attend both days, so probably not much relaxing going on for us.

P.S. – If you are praying people, please say a prayer for my friend’s husband Chris. He is having surgery to repair a fractured skull this morning from a sports injury. You won’t believe his head! Click here to read the story and see a photo. Thanks for your prayers.

UPDATE: The surgery went well and Chris was home this afternoon:-)

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  1. Wow… I’ve never seen a forehead that looked like a dented fender before. That’s pretty .. um.. ? Several words come to mind, so I’ll leave it at interesting. I was glad to see the update that he made it through surgery fine.
    The pancake idea is brilliant; if I had a turkey baster that hasn’t been used for either bug hunting (they do an amazing job of sucking up ants…) or weird science of other sorts, I would try it. But that’s alright; I’m having fun experimenting with the Country Bob’s sauce that came yesterday! Woo hooo… thank you SO very much! It is delicious, and since there are no preservatives, my migraine-prone hubby can use it, too! I even did a post about it… I love it!

  2. I read your friend’s post. That is an enormous amount of stress she had to endure all while taking care of everyone single-handedly. I pray all went well with the surgery and that the little ones are well too.

  3. I’ll be keeping Chris and his family in my prayers. Also the doctors today. Thanks for sharing this information, they’ve truly been through quite an ordeal over the past few days.

  4. clever Idea! This weekend the newlyweds are coming home- So we are excited about that.
    and oh my goodness, hope your friend does okay- wow and he just walked off the field- man he is tough!

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