1. The Pioneer Woman’s driveway is full of beautiful wild horses. They block the road and sometimes run next to your car. Perfect for freaking out any young city kid in the back seat.

The Pioneer Woman Party

2. When a city kid is scared of fireworks, a cowboy is great at teaching him to be brave. When a cowboy talks, a city kid listens!

The Pioneer Woman Party

3. Cowboys are especially good at teaching city kids how to light things on fire!

The Pioneer Woman Party

4. A city kid will probably wear the brightest shoes possible in hopes the country kids might think he’s a rodeo clown.

The Pioneer Woman Party

5. When country kids could care less, a city kid is more than likely to tattletale on a famous dog after he does something bad. (You’ll have to ask The Pioneer Woman what her dog did, because I would never rat out poor Charlie:-)

The Pioneer Woman Party

6. City kids are amazed to find out the country kid’s parents light gigantic fireworks themselves.

The Pioneer Woman Party

7. An hour into the fireworks show, you might hear a city kid asking “When will it be over?” just as a cowboy announces through the smoke that they are only half way through.

The Pioneer Woman Party

8. A certain famous dog might not be too happy a certain city kid ratted him out. A stare down match might begin. Or maybe the dog will just wonder what those bright blue things are on the city kid’s feet?

Charlie the Ranch Dog - The Pioneer Woman Party

9. A country dog will give up all thoughts of city kids after a few seconds. A nap in the middle of the loudest fireworks show ever will be much more satisfying.

Charlie - The Pioneer Woman Party

10. A city kid will be talking about how much fun he had for several days!!

Thanks Ree for having my city kid and me over while we are home in Oklahoma. Your 4th of July Celebration was a blast! I think I ate all your blackberry cobbler myself!

The Pioneer Woman Party

Rainy Night Photo Disclaimer: Please ignore fizzy hair, wet shirts, runny mascara and shadowy eyes. Thanks!

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Originally published on July 8, 2010. Last Updated on May 15, 2021 by Amy Locurto

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  1. @Julie,

    Ha! I’m so glad you commented here. I have been searching for your blog. I couldn’t remember it for the life of me! Headed over now… 🙂

  2. Hey Amy!
    First of all, you looked beautiful on the 4th. It was so nice to meet you & your city kid. 🙂 Now what the heck is going on with my shirt in that photo. By the way, I literally laughed out loud when I read the caption on that photo. “City kid telling on Charlie.” LOL That was hilarious!

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