One of my all time favorite things to do in the fall is visit the State Fair. Yesterday was dollar day if you brought canned goods.  I was all about that! 

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State Fair of Texas Memories

We had a mommy and daughter day. No boys allowed!  It was nice taking our time and having girly fun.

I had to laugh at how calm she was at the Little Hands on the Farm exhibit. I’m so used to my son running through everything like it’s a race.  We’ll have to go back and ride the wild rides with my son and husband later. This day was all about the animals and food!

IMG_2241 by you.

IMG_2245 by you.

IMG_2255 by you.

The Back Yard Circus.

IMG_2395 by you.

My little one sat up front with her friends. I was so annoyed at a girl who sat next to my daughter. She had a giant piece of cotton candy. When she would run out, she would go back to her mom and get more. I was waiting for my daughter to throw a fit that she didn’t have any. I mean, it was candy and PINK her favorite.

Cotton Candy Temptation by you.


Mmmm... She has cotton candy! by you.

She’s giving her the eye. The big girl is NOT giving in to her stare.

Cotton Candy Temptation by you.

No crying! Thankfully the show started and there was more to look at than pink cotton candy.

Watching the Lions by you.

On our way to look at the animals!

Miss Cool by you.Cooling Off by you.


This guy weighs 1200 lbs!

Boris the Giant Pig by you.

IMG_2294 by you.

Girls Rule!

iThe girls by you.

Speaking of pigs… I made it my mission to try as many fried foods as my stomach would allow!! I was glad to have my friend Toby to help me eat all these goodies! Yeah, we made his wife sick:-)

Mmmmm.. Chicken Fried Bacon. Can you say heart attack??

Chicken Fried Bacon! by you.

My favorite! Deep Fried Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough covered in chocolate, powdered sugar and nuts!

Deep Fried Choc. Chip Cookie Dough by you.

Deep Fried Choc. Chip Cookie Dough by you.

Waffle Balls!!!

Strawberries dipped in waffle batter, deep fried, then dipped in chocolate and deep fried again!

Waffle Balls! by you.

More Yummy Food!

Chips! by you.Candy Apples by you.Spicy Corny Dogs by you.Fresh lemonade by you.

Other fun stuff…

Little Tex by you.Snakes at the fair by you.

Giant Pumpkin Carving by you.Swings by you.

Sand Sculpture by you.

Check out my Flickr page for more State Fair pics. I took way too many!

Big Tex


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  2. This looks like a blast! You got some great pictures. I really love the one of you and your daughter at the top of the post. So cute. And look at you in your braids. Wish I could pull that look off! -Julia 🙂

    P.S. Thanks for the blog-party shout-out, Amy!

  3. Too fun! You are too cute with your braids! No wonder you were sleepy after the fair! Your daughter is so precious – did you make her dress?

  4. What great pics! I LOVE your daughter’s dress. She is adorable in it. That’s the way a little girl should dress in October.

    Also, you should have some more photo shoots with your pigtail hair! It’s super fun!

  5. I love your daughters dress. It’s too cute. I wish my girls were small again so I could wear stuff like that on them. Your pictures are fantastic!

  6. What a fun day! I might just have to check out FL’s state fair…havin’ never been to one I had no idea to expect. She is so adorable, and that dress…soooo cute!

  7. Your photos are fantastic Amy…they totally captured the fun and excitement of the fair. And your little gal? Oh my goodness, how cute is she? Her curls and the way she was checking out the “cotton candy girl”, and her adorable apron…she’s absolutely precious. 🙂

    Angie in OH

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