St. Patricks Day Free Party Printable Rainbow Tags for Cupcakes.

I’m re-posting these fun Free Printable St. Patrick’s Day cupcake toppers from last year.

Just click below to download and print. They go great with rainbow cupcakes.

Download the: Free Party Printables for St. Patricks Day

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Cut with a 2″ circle or 1 7/8″ scalloped circle punch. I’m going to print these on sticker paper to wear, because I always forget to wear green!!


Rainbow Cupcakes

I also made these cute and easy rainbow cupcakes! They turned out pretty cute.


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  1. i love this i im having a sweet 16 an its rainbow theme i wanted these cupcakes but how did u make those white little cloud like things for the icing

  2. Thanks for these Amy, they will be great to use if we don’t get around to baking anything…love your cupcakes, too!

  3. I was so excited to see a picture of the cupcake. Great idea for the making these cupcakes for Easter. The candy is Sour Belt Air Heads and the only reason I know it is because my son loves them. They are pretty sour but come in both primary and pastel colors and are available at Target, Walmart and even some grocery stores. I will be making for my son’s teachers. Thanks for sharing. S

  4. Rainbow sour belts are made by Airhead… you can probably do a google search and go to their website to find local stores to purchase these if you don’t have time to order from an online retailer! Thanks for sharing, these are adorable!

  5. The cupcake toppers and raninbow cupcake is SUPER cute! My son loves that candy. When we don’t purchase it at concession stands, we get it at just about any convenience store/gas station. They are usually next to the sour straws.

  6. I found the candy in bulk at Candy Warehouse {}. It’s called Sour Power Belts and comes in different colors, too.

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